(Woman) the child and make (O) girl group (synthesis)


The girl group (woman) children holding the last year and meticulous debut hazing ran for the activity as the second opinion mini album on Feburary, 2019. If the existence of the group was informed through the debut album, the second opinion album is the resolution that it will show properly the ability which the members hold. (Woman) the children held the second opinion mini album ‘I made’ commemoration of sale showcase in the Yongsan gu two years elder blue Square child market hole in the afternoon on 26th. This day event was prepared with the seat in which it opens the recording song and title song stage and music video full version primally. The opening was decorated with the recording song ‘Blow Your Mind’ stage. All Kkeureot the stable performance proving enough amount of practice of the members the attention The dance which was unique and where there is the toxicity with the melody, that is dreams and phantasms, was charming. All Geonnet the first greetings the bright smile is revealed the stage shown the sum total which is close to the members moreover the perfection was satisfactory It is all right. (Woman) Be the children. (Woman) the mini album 2 album ‘I made’ of the children produced the entire song in which the members include the title song directly. The title included the meaning that it made directly. The members were trying to mature more in the album this time and is trying to show the attractive performance. The story about the title song ‘Senorita’ (take the Senyo Ri) could be heard from the members directly. It is the main vocalist Minni and before happens first of all to hold the microphone. Because it was proud of and ” members planned directly and Minni made the music video which the members make directly, our story was contained. The meaning is big. It could expect and laughed to white and clean. The memory in which it is really valuable to all members to take a picture of ” music video directly came to the before happens. Because of making more than what directly, because it seems that the natural looks was contained, it was very satisfactory and the speech was added. The explanation detailed about the tune could be heard from the small feast who is Maine wrapper when being the strong leader of (woman) children. The small feast is felt every time. However, it is equal to the most difficult work to be ‘ what kind of song and explain after making a song. Especially the title song ‘take the Senyo Ri’ thinks that it was the tune which is hard to define and the color of (woman) children was most well personally contained. The brass included in the hook was impressive and it told. He emphasized and, “in order to put the Spanish which it took the title song ‘ Senyo Ri, enters strongly, it worked with the native and this part would better be granted to especially will be interesting”. The writing the lyrics · composition of 3 tunes of was altogether taken care in the album this time and especially the small feast was the aspect which the leader of the team Dap the steps. The small feast at is continuously looked whether persisting that small feast is proud and it is really great. The small feast bivalent was altogether made. Surely. It had to try to listen and emphasized again. It is the children holding the successful debut hazing with the ability which brings out the first mini album ‘I am’ (IM Company Limited) and doesn’t reply the man of god and concept (woman) which is not common at May last year. The best a year is spent during as the group which grabs thanks to this Rookie of the Year award in the various awards ceremony including 2,018 MBC plus genie music award, 2,018 Asia artist award, 2,018 melon music award, and etc. and makes debut. (Woman) moreover, here, there is the reason why two albums of mini of the children is expected. If it suited the composer and the tune which the existing girl group is collected in the album was sung and it suited the dance team and danced and It became ‘the made star’, the tune is made directly and it takes part in the producing and (woman) children aim at ‘the creation Hyeong star’. The women musician who makes its own music in the solo and takes care till the popularity is various. However, the girl group taking the musicality and all star qualities is due to be uncommon. So, it is the reason why ‘the musician Hyeong idol’ and year 2,019 of (woman) children are more expected. Meantime, the sound source of the second opinion mini album ‘I am’ (IM Company Limited) of (woman) children and music video was revealed in every kind sound source site and Portal site in the afternoon on 26th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746574.htm, 2019/02/26 18:19:20]