Being subtle of the star love affair and ‘accreditation’ and ‘denial’.


As for the love affair of the Bakseojun and Minyoung Park the TvN ‘why Kim Beesuh is like that’ end next day exploded at July last year. After the love affair became a subject of discussion, Bakseojun revealed the position that it is “the love affair the groundless” through the agency in 1 hour. Minyoung Park drew the cable “it is the familiar co-worker sharing the work”. The love affair of 2 in which the interest is gathered in ‘park foil couple’ birth after ‘the eulogy couple’ ended with the happening. Nevertheless, the eye line of the fans doubting ‘the pink air current’ of 2 didn’t disappear for some time. Why did you try this way? Firstly, many contexts including the photo, it goes around and etc. be that be very concrete. The Bakseojun and Minyoung Park publishes the hat and same shoes photo in each Instagram from one year of love affair already. The photo which Bakseojun marks out B brand baseball cap and E brand sneakers on Feburary, 2017 was uploaded. The photo Minyoung Park wearing the same product was posted. For this reason, “the couple hat and shoes is not side by side purchased” the suspicion were suggested. The glutinous rice cake Chemie of the drama ‘kim Beesuh’ fanned among Wa. Minyoung Park revealed the mind for the love affair which becomes a subject of discussion in this drama end interview with Bakseojun later. He installed “it was trying to laugh away just to be cool the article which has been being so derived came out much and it was upset. It could not leave as the happening” “because the mended evidence is not fact, it can tell grandly”. He opened heart and, “since it was concentrated in the love affair (it is just, my fault) although there was the director interview or the actor other interview (hises pains doesn’t stand out) it was mental heavy”. ◆ the backbiting appears continuously in the wife of the parties if ‘park foil couple’ of the incompletion and couple sneakers hat suspicion drama center glutinous rice cake Chemie the love affair development love affair buys the doubt once. Especially it uses to be continually targeted to the case where the context buying the suspicion at the record of achievements including overseas travel, and etc. is revealed. The Dongwon Gang- one filial duty main part and American date of the Hyun Bin-Yaechin Sohn is the representative case. Rather the elucidation that it is “the days program overlapped and it met” in spite of the eyewitness account (photo) at the mart or shopping mall developed the suspicion. “it has to watch little more” hardened as the air current because of giving the look of the doubt for these the example of the Jungki Song-Hyegyo Song couple in spite of the rumbling of sea of the person concerneds. There is the end that it is the good plan to unconditionally deny at the ago that ‘the Ppae foil evidence’ (the sure evidence like the date Shot of the Moment) appears in the entertainment world. It meets and it is the multiple reflection, the farewell sees originally, the parting less than 6 months is plentiful. The possibility that ‘trace’ of the passionate love or scandal is accumulated there be no reason to be gladly permitted in the situation where it may be separated anytime. Of course, the solution is not. The boomerang that it is ‘unable to being candid’ can become the urgent fire to Kkeuryeo immediately later. So, recently, it is the trend that it chooses ‘the cool accreditation’ over the time. Unconditionally denied one can have a lot of ‘thread’ until the love affair which the context is revealed than ‘interest’. Anyway it is the talk that the standard tactics which it admits to be fast and be cool is better if it is the situation where it cannot avoid. It can be the expression of the affirmation that it will be faithful to ‘the current feeling’ although it will be separated when this will be separated. ‘to hide the premarital pregnancy’ spreading between the entertainers disappearing one is not unconnected with this reason at one time. While the respectively ashamed experiences are repeated in ‘the results of fabrication’ which only it will be revealed after the several months, It becomes the lesson by itself. ◆ the love of the Kim Bora Byeonggyu Cho forming as ‘SKY Castle’ and pact check ‘love relationship’ confirmation Kim Bora (24)-Byeonggyu Cho (23) is the couple whom JTBC popular drama ‘SKY Castle’ makes. The drama became a hot issue originally, and moreover, while the acting of the supporting actor who the star is no less and child’s parts stood out, the interest exploded. It is the association wondering even the fans who these were not hero and heroine smelling of the atmosphere of the sweetheart feeling sweet in ‘SKY Castle’, and moreover, there was not a lot of the scene which it is together and watch the drama constantly. The main threads of an affair was by oneself provided. The writing and photo which 2 people uploads on SNS was ‘love’ exceeding ‘friendship’ on all accounts. The evidences which were around the open time of the drama making video and which it makes to doubt to be the sweetheart overflown but positively 2 denied the relationship in the broadcast and individual broadcasting, and etc. It appeared on the broadcasted KBS2 ‘the Happy Together 4’ 31st and 7th of last month and the rumor of love was tried and denied, saying that it was “the making video comes out oddly” this. In addition to this, byeonggyu Cho declared at its own SNS live “it doesn’t fall in love. There is no man who would like to do”. But 2 was the sweetheart who was already over the feeling of the good feeling and develops to the love on this moment. In the busy fixed inside, the movie was together watched and it ate. And the street date was without constraint enjoyed. These showed more intimate figure to the back where it comes back from Thailand Phuket reward vacation which it leaves with the cast. If it denies to be not in spite of the sure situation, it is certain to wonder more. This curiosity came out on the pact check. It admitted promptly after reporting. It is sharp and it gives the interest the eyes of the audiences looking at the drama center heroes is sharp. It is directly the love not to canhide as the sneeze. It is endless if it begins to hide once. The lie cannot help producing the lie. The mind having another excuse there be no reason to be comfortable. It is not because of doing not know the affection of the wife of the love affair and poet. However, the crime the love of healthy man and woman has the child Niran point to be clear.
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