‘BIRD’ in which Sungun Ha and ‘the air bird’ join hands and which it flies away with a flapping (synthesis)


What type of bird does “‘BIRD’ mean? It thinks to quote the name of my fan club ‘sky’ and intend ‘the air bird’. The start was a step taken, the singer Sungun Ha, as to the Sungun Ha debut album ‘My Moment’ commemoration of sale showcase was opened as the solo singer with 27 with the day in Seoul City Kwangjin-ku YES24 livehall at 4 p.m. All Damat the daily moments of Sungun Ha who ‘My Moment’ is divided as some hours including the morning, lunch, afternoon, dawn, and etc. ‘5 which expresses the message called ‘surely it tells today’ jollily that title song ‘BIRD’ day is good for the album including ‘it doesn’t forget’ brought out in last JanuarySurely. The total of 5 tunes were collected till the horse ‘the vocalist of Sungun Ha who the, appeal is dense is shown’ ‘being empty with the end of the day coming running ceaselessly it sings as the loneliness is whispered’ Lonely Night’. As to especially, the album this time, because of participating in all record work processes including the writing the lyrics, mix as well as the composition, master, and etc. as the album in which Sungun Ha ins charge of the blanket producer for the first time, this meaning is peculiar. Sungun Ha attending this day showcase revealed ‘My Moment’ issue impression in advance. The He “it is tense but there is the excited part” explained “the department of music which it presented as the hot shot and wanna circle worked the musics of the other tendency previously”. After that, “when it is anxious the public didn’t present previously if how my musical appearances are accepted but it feels good very in that first of all, the album was opened” the excited feeling was not hidden. The goal which it would like to accomplish with the album this time was revealed. As to Sungun Ha, “together it will feel good if the grade will be good. However, it didn’t focus to first of all, will make the grade in which it is big for this activity” “the music and story of me which I like would like to be well conveyed to the public than the grade” exposed the wind. The since pad which the title song ‘BIRD’ is polished and tune in which the cheerful melody stands out on the drum beat The choreographing taken notice from the flapping of the bird, appearance, and etc. flying in the sky is impressive. Sungun Ha explained the selecting title song reason “because it thought that ‘BIRD’ attached the wing to me, this point wanted to be expressed with ‘ bird ‘”. After that, it added “because the done to get through me people were ‘ air ‘ (sungun Ha fan club name), the meaning that it goes together to the fans was included”. The affection toward the fan club ‘sky’ was considerable. However, the love for the group wanna circle concluding the activity was great some days ago. So the Sungun Ha “there was a lot of to it developed the dream of the singer since being young and would like to try and it experienced through wanna circle working to be many” was really the like a dream time with the thanks. It was the time growing me much and was the time when it makes to attach and it revealed. After that, the Dantok room was active when the teaser video came out “wanna circle members expressed the expectation and cheer towards ‘My Moment’ activity much” some days ago. It told that interest was had still each other much and it rooted. Sungun Ha that it would like to grow into the singer song writer delivering ‘one’s story’ with this time activity well The first album ‘mu Moment’ of which his talk is contained is revealed to every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 28th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746709.htm, 2019/02/27 18:36:31]