‘general’s Son’ Sangmin Park and 11 years old swallowing ratio celebrity and 4 month marriages (formal)


This spring groom comes to the actor Sangmin Park (49). Why the people concerned who is only Sangmin Park agency weave revealed in the call “marry in the early April Seoul certain hotel which Sangmin Park comes” on 27th. The family and small number of acquaintance can invite and preside over the wedding ceremony in the private. 2 people got along with the acquaintances no entertainer and after accumulating the friendship naturally, sangmin Park bride to-be a certain Yodl developed to the sweetheart. Finish the relation of the couple after associating about year 1. Yoon Ssi is 11 years old swallowings than Sangmin Park. Sangmin Park is having come on March 6th cable channel OCN new the drama ‘glazing’ first broadcasting ahead. It engaged in the shooting of TV show and the wedding ceremony had been being arranged in spare time. Sangmin Park who debutted as the movie ‘general’s Son’ starring in 1990 and whom it enters stardom instantly had been playing an active part in the drama ‘daewang Sejong’ ‘petticoat government’ ’45th binary term of the sexagenary cycle’ etc. constantly.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746642.htm, 2019/02/27 11:22:29]