‘it is the happening.’ The expectancy headed for the child OR person integer ‘women’s junior college’


While the girl group child OR objection recombination rumor became a subject of discussion but in conclusion, it was finished as the happening, the sense of frustration of the fans was big, 26 days 10asias reported that girl group child OR objection reunion possibility was high. The representatives of agency of all child OR person members except the total destruction by fire U.S got together according to this and the group recombination was discussed. However, why this day child OR person all the agency YMC entertainment people concerned cherished “because the term of a contract ended already, the work taking part at YMC is not” “when there is no end which can be done about the child OR person recombination rumor” the end in the call. After that, the majority world of singers people concerned, moreover, “there is the number that there is the discussion between each agency. However, it knows as with being no nothing one to be officially decided yet” told the opinion. In this way, after all, it is the atmosphere finished as the happening. Therefore, the expecting fans are unable to hide the regretful heart. The netizens are the pity. Could be and seen in one screen and is it what. ” (hyew****) ” what my cubs ” (hyew****) “? Then, one called the Ani? The Dae disappointment.”(gpfl****) Show the reactoin which hangs “A little, the ultimo the thoughtlessness is made it is not sure one” (ruch****) back comment and in which it is disappointed. Show the reason why the child OR objection recombination rumor becomes a subject of discussion all of a sudden by the fans waiting for the child OR objection integer working dissolved with the wealth on January, 2017. ‘Whatta Man’ ‘the Neomuneomuneo nothing’ shower ‘ back majority hit song was put on sale in the activity which is the child OR at that time and the hot popularity was proved and the strong fandom was maintained. Besides, it can be the factor which the activity of the child OR person members playing an active part in the many-sidedness including the music, article talents, and etc. makes the sense of frustration toward the recombination. Recently, the child OR person member Gimsohye plays an active part as MBN ‘the best chicken’ starring and the hit song is put on sale in ‘already, 12 o’clock’ ‘LoveU’ back at a stretch and the Ppyeolchyeoeu the Chungha ‘Roller Coaster’ exhibits the acting the true value as the solo singer. After the child OR person are being active as the cleaning and space girl members including U.S. which is the activity Jung besides these with the girl group multiplication table or Yeonchung Yoo, which and etc. disjoints, it becomes distinguished constantly and the entertainment world activity is engaged.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746593.htm, 2019/02/27 00:00:05]