Kim Jung-Hoon and interruption of pregnancy inducement? …”The disappointment ” the creature was done well


While the fact that it suffered the instituting a lawsuit was known to the whole girlfriend, the man duo U.N. From actor Kim Jung-Hoon (39) was under widespread criticism. The eyes of the disappointment was being connected to this, the former girlfriend A Ssi (30) of Kim Jung-Hoon submitted the small intestine of the detail that it claims the lease deposit balance that it decided to lodge the agreed amount requested lawsuit to Seoul Central Court at last 21st and Kim Jung-Hoon decides to build according to 26 days legal circles. After A Ssi being pregnant according to the small intestine, Kim Jung-Hoon and conflict grew deeper putting the birth of the child., it insisted that Kim Jung-Hoon persuaded of the interruption of pregnancy for the image. “it is really the disappointment if it is the fact” (terr****) ” was like that and the netizen did the idea which the love program will appear movie in this kind of dispute. It had nerve so, ” (xhak****) “it is likely to be so hateful if it is the truth” (ks69****) “kim Jung-Hoon talk to is tried to listen and it abuses or seems to have to do” (lees****) ” studying was done well. The creature was done well but the reactoin that ” (ghd4****) “the surface cannot be seen and the man cannot know” (s00h****) back is disappointing was shown. At all, the confirmation, not, all Dwaet it is ” current what kind of situation on this day Kim Jung-Hoon agency creative photosilver The position that it is the confirmation middle ” was revealed. Kim Jung-Hoon appeared on the ended general programming channels TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the love’ at last 21st. As He shows the love story feeling sweet in this program and the positive image is formed, the public disappointment seems to work.
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