The bulletproof Boy Scouts which the adult without the Bangsihyeok and dream makes


OO reporter is all right. It is pleased. Question. It is the moment facing Seahyeok Bang representative of the big hit entertainment in 2017 for the first time. It was in ‘the wings tour finals’ concert press interview of the bulletproof Boy Scouts which is held in the Kocheok dome. The aspects of Bang representative which prepares the answer in which that one people, one people caused the name of the questioning group of reporters and one greeted respectfully was very remained in the long time memory. It was due to have the unfamiliar scene which it sees for the first time. As to long time, the reporter of young 20 shot vinegar · middle part was the most among the reporter questioning in the field than Bang representative. However, it was busy that Bang representative explained the Dakk agar the bulletproof Boy Scouts, afterward, the world tour plan and album sale constant, and etc. till the sweat. It was the sincere answer in which his who is to the utmost the questioning reporter satisfactory effort peeps out. The representative attending the press interview of the singer affiliated to the agent directly That is not enough and instead, it appears and the microphone is held and it hangs head and greets. The expectancy has the attitude which the expectation was not. It is the Geurae Seo. If it was the idol who the car is hard with the debut in 6, but the bulletproof Boy Scouts in which Bang representative discovered and which raises didn’t have the case enveloped in the toughness · attitude controversy to be undergone the box Jjeum never once. To add, it is big and one among the large-scale reason why the bulletproof Boy Scouts is loved is the features thanks to which runs out the best like the small stage or one it is not which to cover and in which the bone is broken and which dances and which it sings. The humble attitude is so. Bangsihyeok Before the bulletproof is the representative who is him good. It speaks as the respecting senior in world of singers. And after it rises to the sigle phase so that He can draw on a smaller scale on 26th, many these are calling him in being ‘truly, the adult’. The end which it introduces the self to be the adult and speaks as ‘hey’ ‘you’ ‘one which the age is young’ ‘it is not particularly good’ ‘the senior officer trained and installed properly’ can be not man who is the adult. It is ‘truly, the adult’ end where there is the courage which can get angry to become permanent to be bad. The livestock shed with was proceeded for the juniors who the father of the bulletproof Boy Scouts spread the influence that is good in the whole world with the k pop and Seahyeok Bang representative visited the one’s alma mater Seoul National University in the afternoon on 26th and who graduate. He who introduced the self as ‘the man who the fire is abundant’ and rises to the sigle phase had many talks toward the juniors leaving the school. And his livestock shed was the hope sufficient to many youth which merely it lives for not only his junior but also present age to present the shyness or hot sympathy from the older generation. Bang representative pointed out the culture which conveyed the reason why I get to be in the entertainment industry and disparages the idol music. If it saw widely, it advised even to struggle against the reality which that not only one merely disparaging the music but also the situation, and etc. where it ignores the situation of the youths which it lives for the present age got angry and say me produces me unhappily and positively get angry. The line was followed and the negative desire was sublated. And it advised to the same time win the happiness. Bang representative called by oneself ‘the father generation’. However, the looks getting angry with respected one that it pointed, it sees Ki to the youth without the dream and older generation condemning them was far from ‘father’. It got angry with these calling the passionate fans love the k pop ‘big fan of idol’. It pressed the youngsters doing the music even to find my right before. It was “there is no need that it feels the sense of shame to was unable to draw the future which is concrete because there was no dream which the now is big appearance, at all” the extensive reading. The livestock shed of Seahyeok Bang representative is loud because of giving suggestions to not only graduate in Seoul National University but also our together. This what kind of this placed the livestock shed importance on one that it guessed correctly the focus to the wealth of Bang representative and made the global group that it is the bulletproof Boy Scouts. However, the spot in which He got angry, as to the music which the Bangsihyeok and bulletproof Boy Scouts makes is not beloved reason. One which it believes because it can be happy even if there is no dream One lived for the hapiness based on the common sense It is the time brooding once again over the attitude opening ‘truly, the adult’ and leadership of Bang representative which the gracefully respected law is well known.
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