‘the captain marble’ unsealing D-7 and reason, that is the first place of booking rate,


The shout of the expectancy has been pouring from the marble kinematic model universe (MCU) (under ‘ marble ‘) fans. The booking rate rank 1 the movie ‘the captain marble’ (· Ryan fleck the director child makes) records 100,163 standard advance purchase number of spectator and booking rate 22.0% according to 27 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network this day at 9 a.m. The interest about the marble has the domestic release ahead on 7th idea first women hero solo movie ‘the captain marble’ which is hotIt rose to the upper part. The domestic Gwansim Jak ‘witness’ ‘the Saba Ha’ ‘ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘ Extreme Job ‘ succeeded this behind, the next the year 2019. The first the marble movie ‘ the captain marble ‘ increases the story in which Carol Dan bus (Brie Larson) meets Nick fury and which is reborn as the hero captain marble which is the stronggest with the marble idea. ‘ Eobenchyeoseu bringing the audience in the domestic above 11.2 million people in last April: ‘after the shocking eventuality’ Eobenjyeoseu cry Infinity: The appearance of the captain marble was notified in advance in the end game ‘ (under ‘ Eobenjyeoseu 4’). The captain Mabeul gathers the great interest to do the function as bridge moving toward the talk of ‘the Eobenjyeoseu 4’ having come 4 month unsealings ahead and there is. The chronological background deals the time when it is the firsttest among the marble movie as the year 1,995. The attention of the global fans is concentrated if the clue which the linkage with the other marble works and this film will throw to the flow of the marble world view has what. In addition, the combination play in which the action of Schild director Nick fury forming Eobenjyeoseu and humor is in harmony is drawn. Also, the sequel to the story of the forms Eobenjyeoseu marble including the story in which Nick fury is at a loss with one side eye, meter, which and etc. is known to be revealed and the expectancy is more amplified. It is selected as the captain marble ‘world’ highest expected piece ‘ and is showing brightly nerve. The movie professional site box office professional predicted North America opening score of the movie in 140 million dollars between 180 million dollars. The overseas renowned newspapers moreover, it compares with the marble movie which meets the audience in world so far and accomplishes the large-scale performance and the high Heunghaengnyeok of this film is forecasted. The domestic distributor Walt Disney Company Korea of the movie looked ahead to be “the prospect which is possible to the global box office 1 billion dollar breakthrough if it establishes this kind of North America opening”. The captain marble ‘ visits come on March 6th all first in the world domestic theater district. And it opens in North America after two days.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746630.htm, 2019/02/27 10:02:36]