The horn hangs on the head and “the repair repair”… tomorrow bi together and ‘the bad boy goblin’ change.


Emit ‘the bad boy U.S’ in the teaser in which the new group tomorrow bi together is revealed with the addition. The tomorrow bi together agency big hit entertainment, on 27th, the chapter of the debut album ‘ dream in 0 o’clock the tomorrow bi the together (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) official site and SNS channel: The second opinion teaser video was opened the horn grew in the hair one day with STAR ‘title song’ (CROWN). The fascination of which is pure and the boy beauty overflows the tomorrow bi together the image is shown. After opening the first teaser video which the performance which the sound which was bright with the unique housekeeping called ‘the horn rises high in the head’ and is cheerful and energy of the tomorrow bi together 5 member overflow was in harmony, the day is revealed with 26, it was over 2 million YouTube hit in 12 hours and the tomorrow bi together was risen to the twitter whole world trend. Moreover, the title song of the tomorrow bi together and teaser video was introduced and it informed “the debut album of the tomorrow bi together exceeded 100,000 line order in three days of selling by advance start”. The tomorrow bi together, on March 4th, the chapter of the debut album ‘ hope: Bring out STAR’ and open the album to on-line sound source site at 6 p.m. Open the debut first stage in the Mnet feature ‘the debut cellar bration show’ this day at 7 o’clock p.m. After that, the debut showcase is planning to be opened on March 5th and it is planning to meet with the fans. Meantime, the tomorrow bi together is the Idol group in which the boys gathering together for one dream and goal exhibit the synergy and which is bright and which is healthy according to the agency with the meaning called ‘it is gathered to one dream, you and other I make the tomorrow’.
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