The paternal affection of Kyongkoo Seol performed at the screen


In this spring screen, the face of Kyongkoo Seol gets to be quite frequently seen. 3 in which He comes as the movie ‘idol’ (the supervision Lee Su-jin) ‘birthday’ (the supervision this end) and schedule to be met with 4 month audiences 2 arts drew altogether the eager paternal affection so that Kyongkoo Seol could be accidental. In each work, interest is concentrated if the looks of any kind of father is drawn. The cruel battle formation where blindly as to come ‘idol’, opened March they would like to keep the crisis of the political life worst due to the accident of the son until the man clemency sashimi gets to be right (the Han Suk-kyu), the father in oil ceremony (kyongkoo Seol) which follows the truth the son like the life dies and woman Choi Ryeon (cheonuhui) which disappears it keeps the day of the accident secretAll Darwot the story about the threadKyongkoo Seol undertook the father in oil limen which lost the son who was equal to the life due to the accident which is unable to anticipate in the movie and follows the truth entangled in the death of the son. He is planning to show bodily in oil type in which the paternal affection digging up the secret of the sad feeling losing the children and accident in which the son is implicated persistently is mixed up. The sincerity was shown in order to express the desperate paternal affection and Kyongkoo Seol of was fiercely played a role according to the production crew from this someone. It is the rumor which only maintained one didn’t refuse the bleaching hair for the long time that He who was like this debut and shows the hair style which is most exceptive is 6 months for the character. Especially it tried so that in oil type and percentage of completion could assimilate highly from the manner of walking till the attitude and talking manner. ‘idol’ is March prearrangement of release and the date is the undecided. If Kyongkoo Seol drew the desperate paternal affection on ‘idol’, the eager paternal affection is planning to be drawn on the movie ‘birthday’ opened on the coming fourth. This work is the talk shared the birthday of the son passing away and memory which remaining these keep together at April 16th in 2014. As much as the Sewol ferry is done with the meterial, already many these interests are gathered and there is. Kyongkoo Seol undertook the role to be the father it had which to feel sorry and which the flesh edge is well known feeling for the family in the movie. After the valuable son leaves, the story of the remaining family is spread so that there can be the authenticity and the mind of the audiences is planning to be made cry. Especially the conduction year and acting breathing undertaking the mother order other role which bears the yearning for the leaving son and goes on living looks forward. It is the work in which the rookie Chongeon Lee director who is active in the birthday ‘of Lee Changdong supervision’ Milyang ‘with’ city as the extention part and piles up the retrocession finds the megaphone. The Lee, Yi Gamdok “if when It became all who has the hurt which is difficult to erase these and movie which it can share the mind, movie will be good” told. Open on April 3rd.
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