The pink second film beginning… points of interest four it is ‘the sincerity arrives’ Donguk Lee ♥ induction better


‘the sincerity arrives’ Donguk Lee induction is left, ‘cutting’ is finished and it starts into the romance feeling sweet. The cable channel TvN TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the sincerity arrives’ (the script Imyeongsuk Choeborim and direction Bakjun) opened on 27th, “‘ honey is measured, ‘ sincerity starting into the second film arrives the keyword ‘ is pointed out” the points of interest. ‘it is sweet of ” Donguk Lee and Yuin and the producer is two factors in which the both parties romance bursting into laughter spreads and which obstruct the flowery path of 2 people’ fake employment ‘with’ stoker ‘it told to be the schedule ” which emerged onto the sleep and inspires the fun.’ the sincerity arrivesNumber of every week is on the air with the drama drawing the romance which the sincerity arrives, starts while Korea representative actor Chinshim Oh (in the stage name Oh gloss, be the induction better and be resentful) occurring suddenly to the law firm like the drama one day meets the perfectionism lawyer Kwon Jeong rock (the Donguk Lee) thursday afternoon 9:30. In 6 broadcasted last week, while the Kwon Jeong rock gave the raid confession to Chinshim Oh as “as much as Chinshim Oh worries and consoles me, I would like to be like that now”, the second film was notified. ◆ it was the Donguk Lee-induction better. The rigidity ‘matrix solo’… behaving carelessly ‘the first loves’ revealed the goodwill so far and the Kwon Jeong rock and Chinshim Oh who was the heart itchy had the real both parties romance ahead. The Kwon Jeong rock and Chinshim Oh is ‘matrix solo’ having only the love ‘indirect experience’. The interest is concentrated in the first loves which ‘the love is learned with the book’ Kwon Jeong rock and ‘the love is learned with the drama’ Chinshim Oh will start together in this. ◆ it is the induction better. Is ‘the fake employment secret’ risky confessed? The man who Chinshim Oh is realizing for the appearance in drama the stomach being always employed in the law firm is the representative FRB Gyu (chungse Oh) in the law firm. The Kwon Jeong rock is thinking that Chinshim Oh who the life becomes difficult due to the case joined the law firm as the parachute 2 years ago. It is believe his authenticity. Chinshim Oh is the situation where it is lying to the Kwon Jeong rock so that one’s could be not on this. In the last broadcasting, the aspects of Chinshim Oh which persuaded to the hand clapping order (the person boiling the steam part down) “the truth has to be told for the like man” and recalls its own situation was drawn. Really Chinshim Oh stimulates the curiosity so that the one’s could be not if the situation where it gets to lie to the Kwon Jeong rock can be confessed and the crisis can be overcome. ◆ these who 4 openings where it passes the zaibatsu 3 years old stoker delurk advance notice of the Yuin and zaibatsu 3 years old the stoker Igangjun which is watching all ones such as shooting the Kwon Jeong rock and aspects of Chinshim Oh in the ending and hacking into the cellphone, etc appears were given goose bumps. There is the entirely which especially, the zaibatsu 3 years old the stoker Igangjun causes ‘the narcotic scandal’ by the reason of refusing its own mind and drives Chinshim Oh into the crisis. After He finds out the love of the Kwon Jeong rock Chinshim Oh in this, the tension is induced if any kind of pass is displayed. ◆ the loveline which is various besides the romance of the various Romaenseugwon Jeong rocks ands Chinshim Oh including the ideal mistake-chirality gloss, Simhyeongtak-Kyonghye Park, place kite-Geehwan Park, and etc. spreads variously. The narcissism mama boy lawyer Choeyunhyeok in which especially the actuation all Geollin is always the enemy of the law firm on ‘the U-turn romance’ of the separated sweetheart while the close prosecutor Sewon Kim (over mistake) of the Kwon Jeong rock begins to arrange the former sweetheart Yeareum Yoo (the chirality gloss) on a full scale (simhyeongtak) and timid gold thread bar lawyer Danmunhui (the Kyonghye Park) The romance which it is unable to expect is planning to be shown. In addition, the attention is centered if there is the number in which the inversion sensibility head official Iduseop (geehwan Park) develop the mind confesses and which finishes the result of the love.
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