The Shinhwa debut, in the 21st anniversary, the congratulation project inrush… creation of myth ‘attention’


In ‘the Ppaenaen star’, the group Shinhwa debut is hosting the congratulation project in the 21st anniversary. In the play space ‘the Ppaenaen star’ of the idol fandom, the Shinhwa debut is hosting the advertisement for congratulation support on 27th in the 21st anniversary. Presently, it is the condition where 43% is attained. The myth debut, in the 21st anniversary, the congratulation event is the large-scale project in the support format of which local and foreign fans can take part directly. The success is decided as the sort (the point which can be gathered in the site) achievement rate according to the fan participation. The congratulation image is screened at Seoul Subway 2 line 43 alteration waiting room display panel in the 21st anniversary with Shinhwa debut if It becomes much 100%. The subway 2 line waiting room display panel video showing and treble bus advertisement proceeds if much 400% is packed. The congratulation image is hung on Apgujong CGV screen if it rises to much 600%. And the advertisement place is expanded till Daeyeok Hong multivision in case of breaking through much 900%. Previously, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ opened the birthday support of the member Eric on last January 18th. 100% was achieved with the passionate support of the fans. All Moat the interest the birthday congratulations image of Eric is screened at the Seoul Subway 2 line display panel from February 12th to February 18thIt is expected if this spirit is driven and the congratulation project can succeed the debut of the Shinhwa in the 21st anniversary.
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