The triumph stood in ‘on the edge of precipice’ as the sexual entertainment suspicion Kakaotalk


Is the heyday of the triumph (29) to end in this way? All Badat the interest which in opens the activity in many fields instead of the big bang members joining the army He, the debut since is exceptional As it was covered by the shade of the members so far, his activity stood out. The heyday of the triumph seemed to come. However, this time was short. The dispute cut the club burning begining with the assault incident was aroused till the sexual entertainment suspicion of the triumph. The triumph is stood on the edge of a precipice. The news that the context in which the victory of the big bang can doubt the sexual entertainment against the man of means was caught came out in the afternoon on 26th. The triumph and singer C Ssi revealed the conversation at the end of 2015 saying that SBS FunE got and the Kakaotalk which Yoo the representative of Mao of the investment company Yuriholdingseu in which the triumph was arranging the establishment and employee a Kim Ssi etc. share. The sexual entertainment context was included in the content. The foreign investor Mr B group was mentioned and the triumph was instructed to the employee Kim according to the Kakaotalk data which SBS FunE reports to 38 minutes in the chat room “the Bullera the girl Maine seat is prepared in the club arena” at December 6th in 2015 at 11 p.m. It gave an answer “… care will be done well to attach all on 2 seat Maine till the guard and will go” after Kim got the instruction of the wi of Kakaotalk at that time. After that, the triumph “the woman?”It asked it added as “with the children giving well”. It is the part which is assumed to demand the women who the sexual entertainment is possible. At that time, the investor Mr B was the women. However, the party finding together were known that they were Taiwanese men. The agency YG entertainment of the triumph denied immediately “the corresponding article according to the results of the verification of the applicant in person was composed of the operated text message and reveals that fact is not”. After that, “it tells once again on the keynote which it had been maintaining to legally deal sternly with all actions including the rumor expansion, including FALSE news and reproduction, and etc” the strong position were revealed. In this process, another problem happened. Mr.Yoo who is the joint representative of the Yuriholdingseu was exposed to be the husband of the actor Hanbyeol Park. The management company of Hanbyeol Park installed “when there is no standpoint to be put out as much as the privacy phosphorus of the people husband”. At the center of case, it revealed on the sexual entertainment scandal coverage “the false truth that Kakaotalk content is all the groundless, and it is informing on the Kakaotalk content that it is someone bear a grudge with the wi and company, it is falsely operated and there is no confirmation procedure, this is reported” which the glass holding is worm-eaten through the official position. The Seoul Police Agency’s Metropolitan Investigation Team was started in relation with this case on the secret examination. The condition where the victory yes or no on summons is the undecided The metropolitan investigation team is investigating the narcotic of the burning sun and sexual violence, police suspicion of corruption, and etc. prior to. As to netizen, ‘all Haet the manipulation’ is the environment which it doesn’t believe with one. The reaction have the heavy in the sexual entertainment suspicion mostly stops. There is no shield, does ” reporter write the article? ” (zoam****) “it filters what is done” (tim8****) ” manipulation any kind of manipulation one ticket is collected in the original copy judgment everyone it throws with a bangDoes it make sense? The operation costs ” (jmy2****) “it tries this way and until it goes, go” (minj****) ” the Seungcheu rain Seungcheu rain. And yet. It is the Gatsby every, do the eventuality of the wi boss ” (tues****) ” the investigation Haksilhi. ” (bepa****) ” operation?the account money deal can investigate the precision the narcotic check installs all Kakaotalk letters calls are searched it seizes and searches Until there is more no other evidence but make to be poor at that unit of measure, the response of ” (tess****) back is shown. Tues****) presently, it is the condition where Yuriholdingseu denies actively in relation with the sexual entertainment suspicion. However, the result of a criminal investigation of the metropolitan investigation team seems to be the truth smarting with ㄱ.
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