“it feels victimized”… triumph ‘the Happy balloon’ suction suspicion?


All eyes is turned to ‘the Happy balloon’ hit against the suspicion that the group big bang member wi snorted. While the photograph which is inhaling the Happy balloon, that is the kind of the hallucinogen, in the Vietnam certain club spread to on-line community and SNS (the social relationship network service) on 27th, it was the wi under widespread criticism. The agency YG entertainment denied at this “the wi the result corresponding photo that it confirms from the wi directly had never done the Happy balloon with adroitly printed one”. It expatiated and, “the person is feeling victimized about the relevant photograph very. And it is protesting that I don’t make sense in the club, that is the very open-hearted place, to inhale the Happy balloon”. But the Happy balloon problem of abuse is on the rise in Vietnam young people. The suspicion doesn’t go easily in that the sight which Vietnam club, and etc. sells the Happy balloon against Korean tourist to 1,000 won ~3,000 won can be generally witnessed. The Happy balloon was popular in the form which put in the balloon and inhales the nitrous oxide in the overseas party room, and etc. and the fashion spread to the domestic. The nitrous oxide is used in the medical field as the esthesia assist gas and there is the hallucination effect but there is no dependability and it is not designated as the narcotic. However, when inhaling repeatedly, the suffocation symptoms can come and if it is severe, it can lead to death to the hypoxia. When the fatal accident happened in the domestic in fact in 2017, then the government designated the year 7 month same nitrous oxide as the chemical material management method on hallucinating material for the management.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746714.htm, 2019/02/28 00:00:06]