… Kim Jung-Hoon and 3 days Jjae ‘silence’ it is the face a lawsuit on the interruption of pregnancy inducement


The male duo U.N. From actor Kim Jung-Hoon (39) enveloped in the dispute that it persuaded the whole sweetheart of the interruption of pregnancy doesn’t offer 3 days Jjae any position. For this reason, the flames has the shape that continuously becomes fierce. The former sweetheart A Ssi (30) of Kim Jung-Hoon lodged the agreed amount requested lawsuit to Seoul Central Court against Kim Jung-Hoon at last 21st. It is to charge the lease deposit balance which it decides to make. According to A Ssi claim, Kim Jung-Hoon and conflict grew deeper before the birth of the child after being pregnant. Kim Jung-Hoon persuaded of the interruption of pregnancy for its own image. In addition, the monthly rent says be solved but after paying the earnest 1 million won, it cut off contact. As to accused justification, the content claims the monthly rent of the lease deposit balance 9 million won and term of lease I. The public is hiding the surprise and disappointment in this background. Kim Jung-Hoon appeared on the general programming channels TV shipbuilding love reality program ‘the taste of the love’ and figured out the Kim China and affectionate breathing recently. It was Kim Jung-Hoon who didn’t do the love going from the former production crew appearance on a program and interview in 2. Kim Jung-Hoon debutting as U.N. Received the public love in the charming tone color as the Daendi 한 image and elite image that they are attending Seoul National University department of dentistry at that time in 2000. The taking credits item of after school regulation I was unable to be satisfied and the expulsion was handled but because of being the steps, the admission got the will about the entertainer activity the attention to the Joonang university theater and film department in 2005 such as graduating, etc. Here, the thoughtful aspect shown to the Kim China doubled his fascination. It is the interruption of pregnancy inducement and face a lawsuit on this image. The public disappointment spread to the sense of betrayal. On this issue Kim Jung-Hoon and agency creative maniac is 3 days Jjae refuse to answer. When this case was known to the world at last 26th for the first time, the agency offered the position that it is “the fact about was learned through the article for the first time” “among the person, in fact, the confirmation of fact”. All Dadat all communications from the next day of the windowThis spark splattered the Kim China and ‘the taste of the love’ production crew fitting Kim Jung-Hoon and breathing. It is the situation where these get to complain of me position. In order to control the flames of debate, holding it is the time when ‘expression of one’s position’ sure of Kim Jung-Hoon who is the person concerned of the case is needed.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746758.htm, 2019/02/28 09:40:34]