‘ resistance of the orphan nature: Youkwansun story ‘,’ Saba Ha ‘ witness ‘ is over.


3.1the movie ‘ resistance which commemorates the sports in the 100th anniversary and which it makes: Youkwansun story ‘the movie according to 28 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result it put name in three Wi of movie premiere whole box office’ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘ (the supervision Minhoh Cho) opened at last 27th and no. 2,861 was screened at 737 theaters across the country and it mobilized 99,758 audiences for the day. The accumulated audience combining the former trade show audience unsealing, and etc. is 102,748 people. Resistance: The Sodaemun prison 8 room center which it does Youkwansun talk ‘ 3.1 hurrah movements with the meterial and which It doesn’t become the public opinion and all Damat the talk of for 1 year of Youkwansun who the soul was free than someone and 8 room womenThe fighter for independence followed the mind of 17 girl Youkwansun who is one man previously, the movie placed a great deal of weight. The life of Youkwansun whom we didn’t know was trying to be heavily expressed as the white/black image after the hurrah movement. As to the star Youkwansun, the orphan nature ind charge of and the actors having the strong acting ability including Saebyeok Kim, Gimyeeun, Hadam Chung, and etc. had together. As to the same day box office 1 and the second, ‘witness’ of ‘the Saba Ha’ of this standing Park Chungmin starring and Woosung Chung Hyangki Kim starring occupied.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746773.htm, 2019/02/28 10:53:03]