Sangmin Park and remarriage news… netizen ‘the cheer Vs criticism’


The actor Sangmin Park (49) which is famous for the movie ‘general’s Son’ steps on the marriage failure once and meet the new relation and remarry. Like this, the Sangmin Park agency weave court lady entertainment explained on 27th to be the schedule which revealed and in which Sangmin Park gets married in Seoul millenium Seoul Hilton in the early April. The agency told “because of being the people who the bride to-be is ordinary, the relatives and acquaintances who is close to the good family invite and it is planning to have the wedding with the private silently” “the understanding asks detailed to is unable to report the bride to-be information”. The bride to-be of Sangmin Park was known as the people of 11 years old swallowings. After making the relation in the seat meeting with the acquaintances naturally, 2 people raised the love. It made up mind that as to Sangmin Park, as to the partner of the life came against the mind which the consideration of the bride to-be is deeper than what and consideration and positive mind. The reaction of the men was hot when the remarriage news of this day Sangmin Park was known. Because of being him undergoing the pain of the divorce previously, the curiosity could lean more. However, the marriage news of Sangmin Park is full with the comment surrounding his toughness separately from the hot reaction. His incurring the dispute with the assault incident at that time with the ex-wife and divorce suit past was mentioned and the verbal battle arose among the netizen. There were these condemning the remarriage of Sangmin Park exerting the physical violence to the ex-wife. ” (corh****) which tells in the broadcasting to hit the ex-wife cheek and husband that ” fury control is in trouble The man who recurs in the broadcasting saying that it didn’t go to the mother-in-law visiting a patient, it hit with ‘full swing’ The love is what. Therefore. (isab****) the netizen standing by the, “the rumor was thick the toughness worst in the broadcast circles” (abla****) other side Sangmin Park didn’t write. Don’t abuse the heteromorphism. One swing and 1 billion were changed. Why does ” (clan****), “if for the violence, the first trial innocence and divorce division of assets lawsuit sees to come out of 85:15, for Sangmin Park, the being responsible for spouse Geojiha the child Niran” (dmlwk0022), and ” Sangmin Park have to be insulted about this to be cool? Of course, the beat action in was clearly made a mistake. However, as to wife, one fact was not the obligation of the spouse proved in the married life by the confusion as much as the ratio of the divorce suit solatium compensation, as to the wife was 85 among this Wa but ” (goju****) one the volume Sangmin Park is having the broadcasting of OCN new drama ‘glazing’ televised next month ahead.
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