The B1A4 acid X Simhyeongtak X Yoon civilian demands X ‘the sobbing talk’ on the sensibility south


Your without the day when the tear will be dried by the abundant sensibility man fulfilled Wednesday night with the smile fullness. MBC variety program ‘radio star’ broadcasted at last 27th ‘ I ㄱ ㅏthe Heullin ㄷ the tear it turns offㅏ.’ The Simhyeongtak, Minsu Yoon, Kim, and acids appeared as the feature and the honest skill at talking of was made a boast. Firstly, bat, When doing the model, it musted go to the nutrition tonic CF photographic car U.S.A and if so, was the situation where it has to be the visa. 5 million won was hastily borrowed but there was no money in the home it went not to the Dwaet everyone “***” home, in conclusion, the families feel sorry so. At that time, as soon as the girlfriend was met after going out outward, the episode related for 30 minutes Ureot everyone ” the tear in that bosom of was given. Minsu Yoon said unlike me after the son Yoon that there was no tear. Minsu Yoon watched- Crime And Punishment with ” after in the home with the movie ‘. The final scene is sad and it is crying with a rush and after is just seen in the side. It was not to shed the tear in spite of seeing ‘’ and it didn’t raise so that I can be dry with “***” and it expressed. Aeunya Kim who reveals it is much teased by the wife there is a lot of the /MBC offer/MBC offer/MBC offer usual time tear has the scene the tear coming out it watches ” movie If I cried when watching the wife and movie, the way in which it didn’t know the Nollin everyone “***” really and cries was thought out. It went astern a little bit and the feeling increased the binocular tying tight and the know-how of I was explained. The acids recently all Heullyeot the tear in connection with the group B1A4 renewal The mountains didn’t want to go out to ” renewal season from the home. If the seclusion lived between one month, many ideas got. Anyone didn’t want to meet. Then, while the idea called ‘I install what now’ got, the tears leaked out and the renal pelvis and Chanlee Kong contact visited “***” then fortunately and at that time, it told much, it opened heart. It was the inner struggle one member in relation with the renewal kicking the ball. Because of realigning and being 3 for the first time, the mountains did the fan meeting. It spoke as ‘5 people are unable to have together and it feels sorry’ to the fans and the sound that it is ‘the child court music’ was heard from the back. It was the youngest. It seemed to explode and it was accumulated so far it said and told to be unfortunate. The radio star ‘ is broadcasted every week wednesday afternoon at 11:10.
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