‘the taste of the love’ Kim China and “the little was cried but it is good” in Kim Jung-Hoon dispute


Incheon International Airport announcer Kim China (26) keeping time revealed the state of mind to the whole sweetheart in the accused group U.N. Native actor Kim Jung-Hoon (39) and ‘the taste of the love’. The luck was taken off “it is good” if its own name was discussed as the controversy which wrote on Instagram on 27th and which it surrounds Kim Jung-Hoon and the Kim China showed the position. The Kim China drew Kim Jung-Hoon and love story on the ended general programming channels TV shipbuilding love reality variety program ‘the taste of the love’ at last 21st. But while the fact that it submitted the small intestine of the detail that it claims the lease deposit balance that it decided to lodge the agreed amount requested lawsuit on 21st Seoul Central Court which the former sweetheart A Ssi of the Kim Jung-Hoon is over on 26th and Kim Jung-Hoon decides to build was known in the world, the shock was given. After A Ssi being pregnant according to the small intestine, Kim Jung-Hoon and conflict grew deeper putting the birth of the child., it insisted that Kim Jung-Hoon persuaded of the interruption of pregnancy for the image. The disappointment toward the public Kim Jung-Hoon was becoming larger by such situation. And there was a lot of the attention worrying about the Kim China appeared together in the love article talents. It is “when the worry is much given to close the non-disclosure or comment but I do the breath not have the reason” and ” parents worried about me and ” cried a little but the Kim China is good at the writing raised this day now. It was difficult to climb the gossip. However, it worried and thanked and told. Meantime, Kim Jung-Hoon under widespread criticism is running through in the silent from 26th continuously.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746689.htm, 2019/02/28 08:35:43]