‘the taste of the love’ which it prospers with the ipil people, is ruined by Kim Jung-Hoon


Endlessly the crisis came to TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the love’ which was likely to go well. The news that the. Kim Jung-Hoon persuaded the whole girlfriend of the interruption of pregnancy is the Allyeo ground Seo. While the relation which the ipil people meets previously in ‘the taste of the love’ was connected by the actual marriage, the topic of conversation about the program and desirability rose but it has the shape that Kim Jung-Hoon gets to spray the ash. The voice of the doubt is coming out if at last 21st season 1 ended but this situation is well known in some people in advance and it doesn’t outwit. The Kim China is receiving this damage under the dispute of Kim Jung-Hoon completely. The Kim China is the relation which is bound with Kim Jung-Hoon in ‘the taste of the love’. 2 people meditated on the memory of the first meetings with the last broadcast. The aspects of back taking care of the anniversary was shown and it gave suggestions continuously at last 21st in the future to be the meeting. However, while the report that Kim Jung-Hoon suffered the instituting a lawsuit by the whole girlfriend came out in the Ji the broadcasting ends 5 days, there was adverse criticism. ” that is good to its own Instagram on 27th. Whenever the production crews suffering in the last round in vain were insulted, they were stuffy and it was the luck, rather the state of mind was conveyed. After that, when ” parents worried about me from dawn and not was not the whole everyone the contact sleepy, at that time, it cried, saying that it was “the worry is much given to close the non-disclosure or comment and it is not one which I am to blame and it will open again some time and this place, that is my room, as to the eel is likely to recur and then and it is irritated and entirely I do the breathing not have the reason”. From the beginning, I am good in fact. It was difficult to climb the malicious gossip and it worried and thanked and added. The will special for the love was shown with the word that the taste ‘ appearance on the stage all the dictionary interview at the time of the taste ‘the past 26 days ” which as to production crew, as for the case explodes’ love of the love and Kim Jung-Hoon, as to the Korean paper year 2 was not over the love. The production crew trusted this authenticity and the appearance on a program with was proceeded and he revealed. After that, ” article is seen and the producer is embarrassed. It wished to become the confirmation of fact as soon as possible and the official position was put out. The only which the position that it is the agency creative maniac “among the confirmation to the person” will reveal in connection with this is preserving the refuse to answer status afterwards. The news 1 reported on 26th, “the agreed amount requested lawsuit was lodged on 21st Seoul Central Court which the Mr.A (30) who is Kim Jung-Hoon and relation of lovers is over”. At the same time, the word of “the small intestine of the content that it claims the lease deposit balance that Kim Jung-Hoon decided to build was submitted” the legal circles of was rented and given. After Mr.A being pregnant according to the sidewalk in the small intestine, Kim Jung-Hoon and conflict grew deeper putting the birth of the child. And Kim Jung-Hoon revealed the manner persuading of the interruption of pregnancy for its own image. As to after Mr.A, Kim Jung-Hoon says settle the lease deposit 10 million won and monthly rent but after paying the earnest 1 million won to the lessor, He said cut off contact. Mr.A, as to the news 1 imparted to Kim Jung-Hoon to Kim Jung-Hoon that monthly rent of the lease deposit balance 9 million won and term of lease I was claimed. ‘the taste of the love’ notifying come on May 9th season 2 in advance The interest is concentrated if it can come back to the neighborhood of the audience safely.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746707.htm, 2019/02/28 00:00:04]