“there shouldn’t be no” Yu Ji-tae screen ’10 days’ pass


The actor Yu Ji-tae appears as the major part that there shouldn’t be no in the recently various movies and ‘the since tiller’ is a role played severely. He appearing in ‘money’ (the supervision Nuri Park) back have the movie ‘the Saba Ha’ (the supervision Jaehyun Jang) ‘the Jack the Ripper of the home’ (in the supervision Ras phone tri) and premiere ahead aliquot and the role is left and the acting spectrum without the limit is shown and the favorable criticism of the audience is gotten. ◆ Do you appear in ‘the Saba Ha’? If it is the men who don’t see the Saba Ha ‘, it will be startled all of a sudden at the fact that Yu Ji-tae appears in this film. The star is this standing, Park Chungmin, this man of talent, and etc. but the character not to should don’t have in this work is the Kim Dong-su role which Yu Ji-tae ins charge of in fact. Yu Ji-tae captivates the attention of the audiences with the sense of presence which it is mysterious from the movie first appearance. One people among the suspicious which as to He, the Mocksa Park (this standing) faces person Figure giving first performance the consistently is displayed and the curiosity is raised to his congestion. Yu Ji-tae maximized to be mysterious with the peculiar eyes and strong sense of presence of the Kim Dong-su. The Kim Dong-su in center of the flow plays a role the Ri to been pulling more and more the degree of concentration of the work from the movie mid-section. ◆ in ‘the Jack the Ripper of the home’, when did you appear? The hollywood movie ‘the Jack the Ripper of the home’ appears in the associative search Eo if Yu Ji-tae is searched out of the Portal site. He appears on this film as the cameo and the reason is. Yu Ji-tae appears as the scapegoat of Jack as the art which the house ‘ of the Jack the Ripper draws the story of the Jack (the Maet Dylan) captivated by the insanity. All Badat the interest due to the premier position which this film is previously high as much as the situation where 100 name audiences leave in the Cannes Film Festival with the showing at that time at 20 minutes happens in 2018While the fact that Yu Ji-tae who is the domestic actor appears on that blame is known, the great interest against is more hit and there is. According to the agency BH entertainment, yu Ji-tae faced the filming spot of the director to Hollywood for the Ras phone tri to one reason that it would like to see. Captivate immediately He appearing as the appearance which is taken as hostage in the slaughter scene extended over the ending of film about 5 minute Yeo and suffers the eyes at the short quantity. ◆ how do you come out of ‘money’? In the money ‘, his activity which it is mysterious is planning to continue. Yu Ji-tae takes care of the sin plan designer number ticket role in the veil and it is expected to play an active part as the core character of the work. If it designed and does, the number ticket which Yu Ji-tae acts rakes in the enormous money. However, it is the sin plan designer on the veil which the reality has never been never once revealed. It is called as the number ticket the brokers who it will pick out the number ticket because of working once and wait will line up. The existence itself, as to Yu Ji-tae played a role of the threatening character with the number ticket role actively. Derive the tension to the voice on the phone instructing the strategy and it looks up quietly small one look.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746761.htm, 2019/02/28 09:57:26]