‘wanna circle → solo’ Sungun Ha and new musical composition ‘BIRD’ stage opening to the public in ‘the weekly idol’


The singer Sungun Ha opened the new musical composition ‘BIRD’ stage in ‘the weekly idol’, Sungun Ha donated 28 days MBC everyone variety program ‘the weekly idol’ production crew to the broadcast installment as formal report data on the coming sixth. The new song is opened in ‘the weekly idol’ and Sungun Ha having the solo debut ahead after wanna circle activity termination is planning to spur the activity. The first article talents which Sungun Ha this time ‘the weekly idol’ video recording donates as the single guest The production crew Sungun Ha fandom ‘HA: It told that successive generations class corners which certainly it will have to make the original broadcast resolution were ready if it was the NEUL’ this. Moreover, the event presenting the single poster of Sungun Ha who commemorates and can see Sungun Ha single performance in ‘the weekly idol’ as the drawing over is planning to be presided. The poster is provided to 20 audiences which are lot-drawn as the free gift and it can apply for MBC everyone formal Instagram from March 5th. As to the program, in everyone in MBC and MBC music, five o’clocks of every week wednesday afternoon is broadcasted.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746812.htm, 2019/02/28 14:54:51]