“go home”.’The home phloem integration ‘ Ganghyeonguk and reunion of Leo and tear

It was reunited with the companion dog Leo who the animal trainer Ganghyeonguk was separated with the childhood. It was reunited with the companion dog Leo who the childhood is separated from SBS variety program ‘the home phloem integration’ broadcasted on 31st and Ganghyeonguk attended in his retirement ceremony. As to Leo, as to the police dog (the Chejwi silk) came 8 years ago and the public duty was performed. However, it got to retire because it got old now. As to Ganghyeonguk, the salary of ” animal trainers is small. 50,000 at a time was gotten in one month. Before the Maenyeok 100,000 won Ssik was climbed and I joined the army, 400,000 won was received in one month. The violent temper was difficult at that time and Leo had to be sent and the reason why it breaks with Leo was explained. After that, it added the He “the body was big. It returned to the head who there was so no reserve power and who meets this friend that I took care”. The age of Leo was active as 1 body odor silk in 2 years old halves with 3 at that time. All Haet the work which belongs to the crime scene investigation and Leo finds the disappearance, distress, narcotic, and etc. Ganghyeonguk did ” me with the discipline law put a pressure at first time. It beaten. It taught awfully. The Leo “***” Leo bends in the die steel of the old days to undergo that process in one body. My method of education was completely undergone it did previously. I installed to it was to go to meet Leo but be to go to meet the old friend remember me. After Ganghyeonguk met Leo and confirmed the final medical examination. Five viscera and the six internal organs including kidney of Leo, and etc. of were normally altogether come out. The infectious disease existence of existence didn’t have over. Only, the apophysis growing in the backbone was the problem. The attending physician advised “it would better be careful not to increase in being the same as the slope”. The chance details which is together between Leo and year 8 left the letter in the retirement ceremony. After chance details suffered. It didn’t work now and frisked fully and said and was everyone heavy on stomach.
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Ppabningbing undertakes the pregnancy this time. … The abundant one’s figure flat shoes

China actor Ppabningbing was seized by the pregnancy rumor after 4 month rumor about marriages. Taiwanese press and media including Yeonhapbo, and etc conveyed the pregnancy news with the news about high class beauty salon opening which Ppabningbing is known to invest on 31st. It has the Ri stuff who is the Ppabning glazing boyfriend and shape that pregnancy rumor is gaining the energy as 4 month rumor about marriages become a subject of discussion recently. Ppabningbing suffered the abundant sky blue lace skirt and a bit abundant appearance was included in the photo which Taiwan press, and etc. reveals. Here, because it was being low and the flat shoes is being worn, as to ‘it is not pregnant’, the suspicion became a subject of discussion. In come 4 month Ppabning ice Ri transition Paris, jayusibo told that rumor that it is to get married was spreading out. Meantime, ppabningbing was sentenced to the fine and additional fee reaching 144.4 billion won about 883.846 million yuans and Korean won at November last year on 3rd China taxation authority, that is, that ‘suspicion on tax evasion’ happens. As to Ppabningbing, ” recent I sent SNS the time when it frets with the pain. Reflect on the error. The example was unable to be till the authorization and it was sorry, the apology statement was published and the fine was paid.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1749374.htm, 2019/03/31 17:46:46]

‘limitless Challenge’, today, (31 days) end, in the first anniversary, the assembly ‘surprising event’

Taehoh Kim producer and Jaesuck Yoo, Park Myung-soo, Chung Jun Ha, and etc., as to MBC variety program ‘limitless Challenge’ gathers for one anniversary of end, Taehoh Kim producer and members meet in today (31 days) afternoon Seoul somewhere which surely the year 1 comes that ‘limitless Challenge’ ends according to 31 days representative of MBC. Jaesuck Yoo, Park Myung-soo, Chung Jun Ha, Sehyeong Yang, and tax moat were known to have together. This day YTN Star reported “assemble this day which Taehoh Kim PD and ‘ Limitless Challenge ‘ members meet the end in the first anniversary in Seoul somewhere afternoon”. Kim PD and members get together according to the report with the day which it is the end in the first anniversary together and the surprising event for the audience is arranged. It was known that It became the way that it communicates the audience and real-time. Kim PD notified this day meeting in advance before the weak months. It attends as the announcing proponent of ‘MBC broadcasting advertisement annual precedence selling’ presentation opening on the 26th of last month and He, as to the end of ‘limitless Challenge’ comes clean about the end of ‘limitless Challenge’ plan in the first anniversary. The preparation, not, all Dwaet the internal system satisfies the expectancy of the audience Kim PD tried it came back refreshingly about 2 was sweet the Limitless Challenge was shown The effort that it comes back was said to be continued one “. After that, it spoke as “among the preparation the gift for come on March 31st ‘ the Limitless Challenge ‘ the end 1 the anniversary the audience”. Meantime, it starts with ‘the reckless electric conduction’ at April 23rd in 2005 and ‘limitless Challenge’ is MBC representative variety program coming running the year 13 through ‘the electric conduction going overboard’ as ‘limitless Challenge’ from May 6th in 2006 at October 29th in 2005.
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The trace which it is Yoo, is everywhere suspicious with the house Nothing correspondence ” the police reported

It insisted to come and go the actor king’s words and receive the well done prevention of one’s personal danger from the police. It climbs the king’s words the new device including the emergency call device, and etc. was supplied. It is all right at last 30th Blue House national petition bulletin board which it visits the king’s words. The it was the witness Geeoh Yoon writing of the title was uploaded. He installed “until the position trace equipment and emergency call Seumatteuwo worth of offered in the police for the prevention of one’s personal danger is not properly operated and 9 hours 39 minutes pass after the report, It doesn’t become any contact”. After that, it added “it what is and it is deep at the looks of the irresponsible police it cannot say”. The string was acutely cut off because of “it was doubtful and the machine sound which is offensive to the ear continued and the last was observed in the wall side. There was the sound which is identical in the restroom ceiling side which the wall is not in this early morning. ” aperture, moreover, the intention of someone by the reason why it beats the call button that it visits the king’s words. About several times was repeated and the sound was explained. . In the meantime, it insisted “the lock of the day before door, moreover, it was suddenly broken and was not locked and didn’t move and repaired. Mun side was once again checked, the evidence running down to the oil from the door frame top of the seen liquid form was discovered”. The emergency call button visited the king’s words was beat by this reason but the result police that it passes 9 hours 47 minutes installed that any contact didn’t come anything but the moving. The police could be said to be “among the analysis the reason which it climbs the king’s words after the king’s words secrets captain is proposed. And of which it met and it gave the Seumatteuwo worth of newly, it rehearsed in the before which it comes and goes the king’s words whether the new instrument operated properly, and it collects the instrument which it gives to the existing and the report is not taken over. ” in relation with this. It became the prevention of one’s personal danger target autologous prepared with the current Ministry of Gender Equality and Family visited the king’s words and prosecution and 0 of the police and it lived in the somewhere. YouTube broadcast transmitting the aspects of 24 hours I live is installing him for the prevention of one’s personal danger. Presently, it is the condition where the citizen the application even a day and which 200,000 people are over suppresses the agreement. If it agrees to Blue House national petition over 200,000 people, the official answer of the government or Blue House official can be gotten. Meantime, the news show ‘ SBS’8 news ‘ back of it visits the king’s words at the beginning of this month Tbs ‘the Gimeojun of the news factory’ which and CBS standard foreign material ” Hyeonjung Kim was appeared and on the high (high) Jang Ja-yeon list was mentioned. He remembers that name was listed at the quantity which one page of “about the Jang Ja-yeon list” a4 passes. In this inside, there was the remembering people. There was not character, the character did. After that, he revealed the reason “when it thinks that it used because of trying to living” its own idea in which Jayeon Jang fills out the relevant document. In the meantime, it told “when it will be good if it had (sister) a happy time in that place as the former looks little more”.
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“the meantime long hair became in the one-shot” One sensibility and risen beautiful face

The picture which the actor one sensibility, as to the recent condition is contained was opened. One sensibility inserted the picture in its own Instagram with the text that it is “the meantime hair grew much” “while grow as the hair which is long in the bob” at last 29th. It is cremating nicely and one sensibility is staring at the camera in the revealed photo. The head length visited about shoulder is noticeable to the eyes especially. He is previously cut in the bob for the villain taken care in the SBS TV show ‘if it is likely to speak in her’ which it ends at September last year. There is a lot of the work which one sensibility will do “why these days day after day is short in this way (it will don’t know), whether” and the time passes soon. It laughed daily and lived happily and it added. Meantime, one sensibility entered the entertainment world as Miss world queen university in 1999. It appeared in the work in which after ‘the conviviality girl success story’ ‘full house’ ‘cinderella.man’ ‘old fox’ ‘iron Man’ ‘return’ etc. is various. It is renaming as one sensibility in the Bank of Korea feeling recently and He is being active.
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The middle schoolgirl of Pocheon murder case and criminal montage opening to the public.”There is no hand ·8 fur.

The montage of the middle schoolgirl of Pocheon murder case criminal whom SBS ‘that would like to know’ happens in 2004 was opened, the year 2,004 middle schoolgirl of Pocheon murder case which the day remains in ‘that would like to know’ that it is broadcasted with 30 as the long-period unsolved was dug up. The body was found out in the drainpipe which the diameter 60cm of the waterway of Kyonggi-do Ppocheonsi roadside nearby is narrow on Feburary, 2004. The corpse who is miserably found out with crouching nakedly at the place which 1.5m is far from the entrance was the middle school girl Ohm amount missing 석 months ago. As to ohm Miss “it arrived nearly at the home”, there was no trace, it disappeared the mom and last call from the country road finally. And it came back as the cold remains in 96 days. The corpse of Ohm Miss could not know the sign and time of death for the severe decay. It saw to discover nakedly and the damage of rape was doubted. However, the semen reaction was the voice. The trauma or the binding trace which is noticeable to the eyes was not and seen. The only proviso coming out of the scene was the red manicure which is painted on the dying nail of Ohm quantity and toenail. It is frozen usually, as to this, Miss is judging the manicure according to the family and friend statement which is not good as one which the criminal paints. The manicure with was coated the Ohm both nail and even the criminal cut. It judged through the giving information that it was frozen, it witnessed the unfamiliar white vehicle at the time when the sheep disappeared maybe that Ms. Uhm was kidnapped to the car and the police was unable to specify the Ppyeolchyeoeu or after all powerful suspect the big investigation. After Ohm both case remains as the representative long-period unsolved case. One informer’s call came in after March ‘that would like to know’ team. The informant is ” middle schoolgirl of Pocheon murder case. The point of time when it will have to tell came. At that time, it felt sorry so to was unable to do the unit of measure and it told. The informant Hahn it lived in Ohm Miss and neighboring village confessed the thing which it underwent 1 week Jeon that Ohm Miss was missing. While walking for the evening and coming home, the unfamiliar white vehicle approached and Hahn who is the university student solicited for the riding together at that time. When it reached the destination and Hahn asked to get off, then with ignoring this and locking the door the operator installed the continuing operation. After that, hahn escaped through the determination which opened against one’s will the running car door and dies. Hahn opened heart ‘that would like to know’ production crew “For 16, the past, so far, features and clothes of the then horrifying memory and operator remain clearly”. The idea that it is white as much as to He, on criminal ” face paled got. It put on makeup but was almost to want, “***” eye was the feel that it was the bright brown and the black pigment is insufficient. The hand of man was very white and it twinkled. There was no fur in the hand or arm at all. And as the transparency manicure was been good and repaired, the nail twinkled and it explained. The montage was drawn based upon the statement of after Hahn. Hahn said this report “it is similar”.
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It is warm as the spring to be bright like this cotton and flower.

It changed into ‘the credit of the spring’ of which the actor this cotton is bright. This cotton attended the movie ‘my special brother’ production briefing session which is held in the Seoul Gangnam-ku CGV Apgujeong branch at last 21st. This cotton which wore the one-piece of which the sky blue flower which this day is faint is drawn and which it shows had ‘bloom’ itself. The loveable appearance and one-piece formed the perfect match and the venue was brightly made. With seeing him the tendency of the obvious spring is felt. The aspects of this cotton the bread bursting among these in the venue was caught. It has the looks in which the actor Lee Gwang-soo appearing together on the movie ‘my special brother’ is unable to stand the laughter. Whenever it sees, unlike other people ‘chemie’ of the movie inside 2 man is felt. The feature Ha the movie ‘my special brother’, that is coming 5 month prearrangements of release, spends the brain (shin Ha Kyun) and which brother Dong-gu uses the body (lee Gwang-soo) and one drop of blood which was not mixed but it is the human comedy drawing the friendship of 2 men having been living like one body in 20 years. In this work, when being the friend happening to the tax Ha · Dong-gu in 20 years, then this cotton undertook the job hunter beauty string station where there is the decisiveness. This cotton said try so that it could draw figure positive of the beauty string which doesn’t lose the smile and hope in the tired everyday so that there can be the sense for the real. Special my brother ‘ is 5 month prearrangements of release.
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It hardens more with ‘birthday’.

The end about of March The way which it goes to be faced with the actor conduction kite (46) was especially cold. It knew the warm spring approached with a long step. The cold wind which the inside the bone is cold blew. On April, 2014, 16 days It seemed to have a premonition to be one the sky sharing the sick talk of that day. The wind was colder. It was colder, the heart was faced with the conduction kite have the movie ‘birthday’ (the supervision this end) premiere ahead in 25 days the Jung-gu Ppalpandong, one cafe. As to ‘birthday’, after there is the tragedy, it is the feature length film made for the first time with the work dealing the story of the Sewol ferry bereaved family. The conduction kite seemed to be quite vigilant because the meterial of the movie was the meterial. All Ttet the mouth it is difficult the looks which it thinks intently is shown to the question one by one In any kind of question, the edge of an eyelid was blushed. The light micro was revealed to any kind of question. There was a lot of the trouble in fact until the conduction kite marked out ‘birthday’. No more than the number which the voice of the concern was loud, is vigilant to the actor position Because It can become the filter paper of debate only by taking part. However, the conduction kite after it takes seemed to be different. The He “the idea that it did well gets to do” spoke in the voice which the power is filled. After taking (this end), it supervised and came back from the Paengmock paragraph. In addition, there were the tiing and yellow ribbons. It faded all. It saw and was bitter. So, the idea that it remembered all and doesn’t forget was done. The most forgets any kind of moment and it lives in fact. It becomes faint in the memory. As to that part, the idea called ‘that it is the birthday to make an art work’ got. It cannot forget. ‘birthday’ opened come April 3rd was opened to the reporters as the press preview at last 18th in advance. ‘birthday’ taking off the veil was given a favorable reception unlike the concern. The conduction kite of which the burden will be great seemed to rest easy. It worried due to the preconception about ‘birthday’ and prejudice. However, that worry disappeared after watching the movie. Until many people will watch the movie, he will be difficult. However, the idea which the idea is not changed when seeing got. Maybe it thinks maybe to look like the mind in which I guess the scenario and which appears. Because it is given a favorable reception than the idea, the idea that it is the luck gets. ‘birthday’ is the Sewol ferry talk but is the talk of the men who are hurt and live. It may not approach differently. The conduction year undertook the order south role losing the son due to the Sewol ferry case among the pole. One in which He ins charge of the cast losing the children is the second opinion after ‘milyang’. The conduction kite told “I didn’t have the son. It was more and more not that there is the son especially growing up, the something was strange” “when being the friend when being the son like the Dwot many sides movie, then I not might rely on that son like the husband much”. The conduction kite returned to the screen after ‘nam’ in 2015 in 4 years. He doing the work activity constantly took the interregnum of the long time so far. “when there was no like work so far” the conduction kite which the conduction kite told frankly, lets the foot in the entertainment world into the year 1990 CF ‘Johnson & Johnson’ went into the screen with the movie ‘connection’ in 1997. It appeared after ‘promise’ ‘I Emui Ma harmonium’ ‘I will be good if there was the wife’ ‘scandal’ ‘you my destiny’ ‘milyang’ ‘maid’ ‘the way to the home’ ‘rogue’ ‘hyeomnyeo’ ‘nam’ back 20 Yeo a year many work and the audience was captivated with the strong role. Among these, the conduction kite bore the honor getting the best actress award in the Cannes Film Festival as ‘milyang’ of Lee Changdong director. It seems to be shameful now to listen ‘the queen in the partition’. (Smile) it was old. It thought much in fact if this qualifier could feel uncomfortable at first time and it can break away if it was how. But it seems to be the part which I cannot do how now. If many works are continuously worked on and the various looks and results is shown, then the something other one can appear but I am unable to be like that. However, the hunch that ‘birthday’ is developed into the work which is strong as much as it was one of a handful of his Filmography got. Is likely to approach differently to me” opened the inversion the head was nodded. The men having the various job oves all social standings approach with the way in which on this talk (sewol ferry) is various. I install to the reason through the acting to learn. There seems to be the meaning in one that they acted. The idea called ‘it repents very much if the work was not done’ was done for the first time. It was all difficult and was vigilant and after being bumped in reality, ‘it was good’ wants so far the something. In the meantime, while it talked ‘birthday’, the Tteol Eo the conduction kite placed the story where there was in the bereaved family trade show. After all, He who blushed the edge of an eyelid and starts talking was the tear the steps. The idea called ‘I can undertake’ was in the front of bereaved family after the movie ended. It is so difficult. It is difficult to it will don’t know if how any kind of people will have to be adopted, become. It is difficult. It stops at in-situ. Any kind of mother comes down from the seats for the audience and the bereaved family mothers award the hand wallet which places and makes the number. In addition, the yellow ribbon is bound and it is held in my hand. It thanked so and felt sorry and once. It was sorry that this seat was difficult and it was trying to avoid. It thanked really. He to be vigilant than this what kind of interview said have the word which it would like to do to ‘birthday’ spare audiences. My friend watches the movie and there is the sent message. It is the friend which works putting I 3. The day after day is so difficult. The baby was brought up with 1 degree and it thought that living was difficult. The idea got ‘it thanks to live in this way. If it goes home, what there are my family and children thanks’ after watching this film. This story, as to our ‘birthday’ isn’t trying to say directly. Lived one is so difficult. However, it may be not our ‘birthday’ to change by inspecting this Himdeul.
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“the relationship… defamation recrimination schedule under the agreement” which ‘the sexual violence face a lawsuit’ Kim brother awards

The group SS501 singer of origin Gimhyeongjun pointed out as the person concerned of ‘the idol sexual violence’ report refuted squarely to the insistence of the accuser. Previously, SBS ‘8 newses’ reported at last 29th that famous idol member was accused of the charge of sexual assault. According to the relevant report, the accuser insisted to encounter the sexual violence by the idol member in its own home in Kyonggi-do Goyang City Ilsan last May 2010. Gimhyeongjun was pointed out as the person concerned of after corresponding report. After that, gimhyeongjun is the sexual intercourse accomplished under ” agreement through the agency. There was no coercion, claim of “***” accuser was not fact and it insisted. The Gimhyeongjun “the acquaintance and 2 had the banquet in 2010 at that time and there was the women hostess drinking together” were directly the accuser and the accuser wanted and got to go to him of the home and it explained. After that, it predicted to tell “it abuses that it is the celebrity that it accuses suddenly after 9 is past and it seems to accomplish” and cope with the false accusation and defamation. Meantime, the world tour ‘MASTER PIECE’ is held beginning with Mexico performance at last 23rd and Gimhyeongjun is meeting the foreign fans. He is the plan it proceeds with the overseas tour to the beginning of the next month as scheduled and in which after returns to home country and which engages faithfully in the investigation.
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“it is the successive generations class lineup” ‘ Deoppaekteu music awards (TMA) and Super Juniors · new the yeast joining

Super Juniors in group (Super Junior) and new the yeast (NU’EST) attends in ‘U 5G Deoppaekteu music awards’ (U 5G THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS, TMA). U 5G Deoppaekteu music awards ‘ organization committee informed the official site of the awards ceremony joining of Super Juniors and new yeast on 30th. Super Juniors sings the joy of the world incredible popularity still in spite of attaining the debut in the 14th anniversary as this year. And it is standing firmly by the seat of the K-POP representative cold current idol for a long time. The new yeast has grown into the best general trend group. These ‘U 5G Deoppaekteu music awards’ presences is expected to build up the interest of the world K-POP fans with the Boy group coming back to 5 group integers luxuriously recently last year. As especially, Super Juniors and new yeast make a boast of the popularity overwhelming in the idol rank information site ‘the Ppaenaen star’, the outcome gets attention if especially, Super Juniors and new yeast get any kind of prize in this awards ceremony. It joins in the artist lineup from the bulletproof Boy Scouts after the Tteuwaiseu, red velvet, smallpox nothing, icon, Monstar X, stray kids, dowel Ijeu, Chungha, girlfriend, Momo land, and (woman) children till Super Juniors and new yeast and the expectation of the fan toward ‘U 5G Deoppaekteu music awards’ is more hotly sweet. It seems to increase. It goes on in the festival form for the star and fans due to fan in the domestic uniquely and as to online poll, come April 1st to April 19th progresses as the awards ceremony expanding and reorganizing on-line year-end awards of U 5G the Deoppaekteu music awards ‘***’ the Ppaenaen star ‘ into the offline during 3 weeks for free. All Ollin the act which meantime ‘U 5G Deoppaekteu music awards’ shared with U idol Live is splendid come on April 24th Incheon Namdong gym
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