Only ‘the former sweetheart Yoochun Park’ Yellow River “when remaining, then one was met in the wrong way,… was suppressed for a long time”


The Yellow River or family who is the whole sweetheart of the group JYJ member and actor Yoochun Park posted the meaningful writing on SNS. Presently, it is the condition where it is deleted. Hwang left the writing of the palm pattern in Instagram beginning with the horse called “one man can meet in the wrong way and undergo the particular thing all” on the 28th of last month. It stands so far and He is trying to reveal all things. This writing said be written and one which is the loss there was no in me to be profitable and which is enormous knew, “***” was suppressed really for a long time and because of being cowardly of him and being foolish, it exploded and told. The women especially suffering by this man “it called until the manager and the fault was committed and it ran away. The message that it is hammering out the dirty plan saying that it had to face his company and families the head now and make me into the harmer at any rate was gotten” so far had done after the women who were mostlyall powerless and are economically difficult inevitably. It did, it disclosed. After that, it did “the enough time was given and I gave the chance many times” “it cannot stand as if there was no something as if this man rotting completely was continuously nice to hammer out the plan in order to make me into the man to blame at any rate even though the large-scale faults in which that way men, as to ones cheat and which it uses active one are done”. When the corresponding text comes up, then the guess is continued if ‘he’ which Mr. Park shoots is not ex-boyfriend Park Yu stuff. Only, Hwang can not conclude to be ” someone. The unit of measure was not said as the someone. There could be the inversion and it was cautious about the rash presumption. Meantime, Hwang and Yoochun Park were introduced that this year 9 month marriage was promised after the passionate love fact was revealed last April 2017. However, after playing a role after marriage, the relation of lovers was kept and the parting be recognized formally at August last year.
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