The expectancy and apprehensions leaning to ‘the taste of the love’ dispute and love reality


The private life dispute of the male duo U.N. From actor Kim Jung-Hoon playing an active part in ‘the taste of the love’ is having an effect on the reliability for the love reality program authenticity. The romance feeling sweet was drawn on the ended general programming channels TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the love’ on the 21st of last month and Kim Jung-Hoon got the love of the viewer. He who didn’t fall in love for 2 years was not like that in fact. While claim that it did the interruption of pregnancy of the whole girlfriend the termination came out, the fantasy of the audience was with a crash broken. In the meantime, the apprehensions about the authenticity of the love reality program gets together. It was the program which it sees really enjoyably and the idea that it was the affectation gets altogether, the late twenties women a certain Yodl that it liked to watch ‘the taste of the love’ is very meaningless. It will don’t know if the love reality program can be cheerfully watched in the future, it told. It was the special will for the love the steps along with the word it was over the Ji year 2 which the taste ‘the production crew ” appearance on the stage all interview, at that time’ Kim Jung-Hoon of the love doesn’t fall in love. This authenticity was believed and the appearance on a program with was proceeded and the production crew revealed the embarrassed position. One variety program drew the love the popularity into the meterial constantly. The program of the way that it combines ‘observation’ and ‘reality’, that is the love pipe of young boys and girls and article talents trend, is getting the large-scale love recently recently. The large contributing was done in the program reason for popularity that ‘sympathy’ and ‘authenticity’ passes through the mind of the viewer. Many programs claiming to stand for the love reality program are arranging the viewer this year everyday. ‘the taste of the love’ suffer the embarrassment because of Kim Jung-Hoon comes back come on May 9th season 2. ‘the taste season 2 of the love’ introduces the program as ‘the new concept love reality program in which Korea representative single stars which forgot the love and stayed fall in love with the ideal type in which they point out and which visits the love’. The channel A ‘the heart signal’ which meets the viewer by the season 1 and last year season 2 and attracts the cyclonic popularity is arranging the season 3 in 2017. ‘the heart signal’ is the program drawing the content that it lives together in the space ‘the signal house’ taking ‘cutting’ of which young boys and girlses are unlimited and has been finding the sweetheart before. According to someone involved in broadcasting, the second half of this year broadcasting the season 3 is the object. The expectancy and apprehensions is focused on the love reality program having the broadcasting ahead at a time. The check special for the authenticity of the thorough. Verification and program which doesn’t produce the disappointment of the further viewer are reqired.
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