‘is it in a long time?’… The glad faces ★ the first show after comeback?


It is these which are unable to see frequently and are more gladly felt. TV is left for some time and there are the stars that play an active part in the screen and go home in glory and come back from the actors taking the rest period as the marriage and birth for some time. It gathered in the first show after comeback of the celebrities coming back with the attitude which is not changed to our side again. ◆ Nayeong Lee and ‘the romance the bonus book’ actor Nayeong Lee returned to TV to the drama ‘the romance the bonus book’ in 9 years. After marrying the actor offshore in 2015 after appearing on the KBS2 ‘the fugitive Plan.B’ in 2010, as to Nayeong Lee, the sad fall season didn’t do the appearance to the public easily. After taking the long interregnum if it draws, the Braun tube first show after comeback of about Nayeong Lee returning to the screen to the movie ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ in 5 years is ‘the romance the bonus book’ at November last year. The romantic comedy drama put the romance the story of the men who make the book the bonus book ‘ (the script sine feeling · direction mileage filial duty) has the belief of me and values in the modern society which doesn’t read the book The rostrum (the Nayeong Lee), as to the talk of the publishing company Gyeoru employees is drawn with the romance of the Eunhoh Cha (the Lee Jong-suk). The fantasy thriller drama which the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character and battle formation Se kite the item ‘ donates Kangwoo Kim appears as the ill-fated relationship and the tension of the pole is added. The /MBC ‘item’ poster ◆ general purport Korean translation of Chinese character and ‘item’ actor general purport Korean translation of Chinese character selected ‘item’ as TV first show after comeback of about 4 years. The general purport Korean translation of Chinese character took the interregnum after the broadcasted SBS TV show ‘mask’ in TV in 2015 for some time. His who gets till ’10 million actors’ title it appears on the movie ‘asura’ (2016) ‘- Crime And Punishment along with the god’ (2017) ‘- phosphorus along with the god and kite’ (2017) ‘construction’ (2018) ‘female and male murder’ (2018) etc. majority movie so far ‘returning home in glory’ Braun tube first show after comeback, directly, ‘item’.’The webtoon of the same name which the item ‘ is publishing serially as the plot surrounded the things in which 2 man and women of the missing destiny hold the special supernatural powers and fantasy blockbuster digging up the secret in the cacao page on the popular is the original. The general purport Korean translation of Chinese character undertook the role boiled the prosecutor steel that it has the heart which was stupid and tactless and hot such as refusing the order of the prosecutorial organization and filing a complaint against the internal corruption, etc down among the pole. ◆ Ilwoo Chung and ‘hatch’ actor Ilwoo Chung came back to the drama ‘hatch’ after the social service personnel discharge from military service. Ilwoo Chung joined the army after the broadcasted TvN drama ‘the news of the Cinderella and 4 people’ in 2016 on May, 2017. Ilwoo Chung whom it clears the calling lit again the face pleased to the audiences with SBS TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘hatch’ (the script Kim I the soul · direction Yungseok Lee) at November last year. It confessed in Instagram “the ingestion of hydrocarbon was discontinued and the Ipomoea batatas, chicken breast, and egg were taken and about 14kg was reduced” and Ilwoo Chung expressed the affection toward the work recently. The drama which the hatch ‘ puts the course where it wins the presidency the prince Yeoning Gun gold dust which is born in the body of the humble adjutant adds up the energy together with the past preparing student Moonsu Park, Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) hot blood hairiness filter paper, and roughneck month liberal arts of the streets it comes into mind it achieves 10 tablets Ilwoo Chung undertook the Yeoning Gun gold dust role among the pole. ◆ Hanbyeol Park and first show after comebacks of ‘love when being sad’ Hanbyeol Park MBC weekend drama ‘love when being sad’ it deliversThe activity was caught breath after ended MBC drama ‘the vogue mind’ in the marriage and childbrith last December 2017 and Hanbyeol Park was faithful to the family. Hanbyeol Park whom it returns to ‘love when being sad’ attended in the production presentation about after in 2 years last month and the attitude only taking part “there were personally the serious matter (the marriage and childbrith)s but the big difference is given for the acting and it doesn’t think” a little more was changed. After getting married, the stability of the mind will be found before and it will concentrate more on the work and reveals. The strong emotion melodrama of man and woman who as to drama, the love is common but who the real love visits the love settled down by the hard age Hanbyeol Park undertook the Yunma Ri role, that is the daughter-in-law in rich family, among the pole. In order to live the new life as the molding, the Yunma Ri does. The molding all Yunma Ri went out of the peppermint, they acted.
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