The conduction kite comes back. ‘birthday’ ‘the animals that would like to catch the straw up to’


‘the queen in the partition’ conduction kite meets with the audiences after long interval. The movie ‘birthday’ and ‘the animals that would like to catch the straw up to’ is gone through The expectancy of the audience is getting higher as the conduction sweetheart coming back to the screen after long interval with the movie after ‘nam’ more. The conduction year is having come 4 month movie ‘birthday’ (the supervision this end) premiere a period ahead. This work puts the talk shared the birthday of the son passing away and memory which remaining these keep together at April 16th in 2014 and there is. Because the Sewol ferry is done with the meterial, the high interest of the audience against is hit already and there is. The schedule which the conduction year undertakes the mother order south role which bears the yearning for the son leaving among the pole and lives and which it performs the maternal love acting It meets with the veteran actor Kyongkoo Seol and the expectancy about the synergy of 2 actors is high. As to ‘birthday’, the rookie Chongeon Lee director who was active in ‘milyang’ and ‘city’ as the extention part and piles up the retrocession in charge of direction. As to the animal ‘ (the supervision Kimyung Korean translation of Chinese character) which would like to catch the straw up to, the novel of Japanese writer Sone Keisuke who is well known with the work of ‘tropical night’ ‘the needle is stirred’ etc. in the domestic is the original. The announcement of the inside a human and desire was drawn with the trick and Nuareu color, that is the mystery. In this art, the conduction kite undertook the play role and undertook the play role who is the character of the image who was exceptive and strong. He fitting Woosung Chung and breathing looks forward if any kind of Chemie is shown in the current work. The release date is the undecided. 2 works which the conduction kite will show this year are unexpectedly altogether the new coach work. As much as it returns to the veteran actors and breath which it is worthy of representative with the work of the new coach having the fresh soft output, the expectancy is raised if the conduction yeon and these meetings causes any kind of synergy.
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