The family history opening to the public ‘sobbing’… some netizens “the image cleaning” blame, why, ‘I can hire alone’ steam insect is slept.


The designer and broadcaster steam insect ash confessed the regrettable household affairs in the variety program ‘buy alone’ and the eye-corner of the performers and audiences was moistly wetted. But ‘the image cleaning’ was asserted in some people and the cold reactoin was shown. As to the steam insect ash, MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ broadcasted on 1st mentioned the dying father and mother thereby hard. The mother of this day steam insect ash visited the son’s house and asked carefully, “it repaid to get a loan in the graduate school”. It expressed to the end of the steam insect ash that it is repaying the school expenses, saying that the mother was “it is unable to do in should giving the school expenses” to feel sorry. After that, saying that the guitar was learned in these days when measuring the steam insect, it played at the front of mother. The mother of the steam insect ash told “the guitar, well, all Chyeot” “the time which followed the father now and when you learn became and it thought”. The memory about ” father is not abundant in interview with production crew measuring the steam insect. When buying 4, it died and if it was hazily the chapter several like “***” movie center, it remembered and said and the edge of an eyelid was blushed. He confessed to be “the sister was born on June and April in which the father is 2 months’s ago died” “one which it is bereaved when the mother is the month of parturition”. It told “if it was me, it was likely to be the panic and be the catastrophic” which it measures the steam insect “but, the mother is the woman who is seemingly small and is cute. However, it is the person who is on the other hand strong and is considerable”. All Humchyeot the tear He hangs head there is unable to be the end for some time it opens heart “it rolls to be always insufficient as the son and be sorry”In the studio, if it was ” daughter measuring the steam insect which watched the image and sheds the tear, were you how? It told when there wanted to be no charm and it wants to be good to the mother. The rainbow members watching the video in the aspects of the steam insect ash achieving the filial love said the word of the comfort. The most of netizens watching the broadcasting in which the family history of the steam insect ash is contained made the voice supporting the steam insect ash and mother but although some netizens confessed the regrettable household affairs, the cold reactoin was shown. It is the past behavior reason of the steam insect ash. The steam insect ash be reported that use the personal tablet in the solo concert ‘the key land’ seat of the key which is held in Kangnam-gu Coex Artium I of SM town theater on last February 3rd for a long time. The seeing attitude of the steam insect ash was called into question and at the center of dispute, some spectator stopped at on-line community, and etc. in this. Its own Instagram measured the steam insect was gone through in this and the written apology was uploaded. The some netizens who slept for the steam insect and remember the concert seeing attitude case put up “the key concert comes to mind and it sees, it is hateful” “only the image Settakhaneun outlet with this type” and abusive comment of “and, the image making it wanted to come out no more” etc.
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