‘the grace of Empress’ Arin Oh “the god’s blessing Jjeum senior the role model”


Consider the round eye. Keep the answer in the question clearly. The age is young yet and It is true, it is the talk which on work is deep difficult but whatever it does, it is interesting. He that it played the acting even when playing with the brother usually and it plays was seen, the idea called ‘the natural birth actor is not, whether’ got. It is the story of the child actor Arin Oh (8). It was the Seoul Mapo on the 26th of last month and Sangam-dong editorial office met Arin Oh finishing SBS TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the grace of Empress’ (the script steam Sun precious stone and direction Dongmin Choo). Although there was a lot of a bit hard emotion performance for that the child followed, He undertaking within a drama Ahr Ri princess role accomplished steadily. Resolutely it was Dotbo between the adult actors. It was interesting when acting with Nara Jang aunt, Choi Chinhyeok uncle, and Halma smallpox (the god’s blessing Jjeum). I and scull blastema draft of a poem was so good because of taking care daily. It gave much to eat and especially that seemed to be the best. Arin Oh appeared in ‘the grace of Empress’ as Soonoak Kim writer and relation. The love was gotten as the ripe persimmon station in the previous work ‘the flesh, there is the sister’ of the steam writer and the current work got to meet onceI was called in the current work and Jakga was so good. The role name could be said to be purposely smarting among the pole because my name was the aryne. On acting is much informed before. It sent to the messenger ‘it took the trouble so’ ‘the aryne was so nice’, however the role that He ins charge of is not easy. In spite of being 7 year old, within a drama Ari Kongju reads the English newspaper every morning and within a drama Ari Kongju studies the manners and packs the news straight through. It is the preschool child and is the Ppasak Ha on the life. For that the child who is 8 year old installed newly now, it could be beyond the capacity but Arin Oh accomplished highly the percentage of completion. It paints with the fluorescent pen on my part as soon as the script is gotten everyday. And after I guess once, I go to the acting teacher and it has been learning. Practice together in the home with the mom. Arin Oh said look quite like Ari Kongju I acting. Ari princess that ” I sees has the sense. It seems to be the child who knows well if it has to roll the Ji which here it will tell. There is a lot of the trouble. It looked actually like me. Ari princess read the book much and studied eagerly to the old days and I am like that. The dictation, as to 100 Jeom are continuously hit so far. The drama of was taken a picture and there was the problem. ‘the grace of Empress’ which started at November last year and which it finishes at last 21st was straight through shot between 4 months. It is the time when 2 front teeth will fall out. However, it worried to interfere with the drama. The tooth was temporarily attached and the shooting was kept. Even if the abundant production could be said to be learned, Arin Oh engaged the active activity as much as the exaggeration was not. The TvN drama ‘the organic’ ‘the Eobaut time’ OCN drama ‘the Maseu visited the life’ and Netflix drama ‘kingdom’ was taken in last year. It is the short quantity but open the method which it doesn’t rest and makes an art work and is hard is said the He “scary one would like to be put. The comedy movie would like to be taken”. It is the common child Arin Oh who plays in the playground and has the doll play in the home when being in the home. However, there said be the game which He enjoys most. It is ‘the smoke game’ which it does with the sister who 2 year old is directly young. It spoke to the usual time the Arin Oh “the grace ‘ of ‘ Empress was put and the god’s blessing Jjeum got to be made the role model” do a living closed to the acting. It helped the mother “it is watching silently in the side when the god’s blessing Jjeum family shoots” of the Arin Oh. ” I gets the camera and ㅇ lets the sister know the speech. Then, the sister acts and I take. It plays sometimes and if I install the cat, it is the play in which for the brother, the owner is and which looks after me the year. It is really interesting. “” Halma smallpox (god’s blessing Jjeum) is the first. It gives much and take care of delicious one well. Especially it seems to do well so in playing a role of the lines the Tteul Ri not. The Halma smallpox, as to I would like to play a role surely if the time flows a lot later.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746934.htm, 2019/03/02 00:00:04]