The story ‘red ginseng tea’ coming to ‘the know brother’ and brave tea?


‘the brave tea’ Taehyun Cha · Hong Gyeong-in Min and Samuel appear as the transfer student on the Taehyun Cha and appearing in JTBC variety program ‘the know brother’ JTBC variety program ‘the know brother’ which the Hong Gyeong-in civilians showed Samuel and different Chemie, is broadcasted with 2 with the day at 9 o’clock p.m. 3 people are the rumor that it enjoyed the video recording as the appearance which was comfortable and easy and graceful although it was not a little bit to be formed as it kept time for a long time in ‘the know brother’ video recording proceeding recently. The netizens showed the reaction of “‘ red ginseng tea ‘ came to ‘ tea ‘ while Samuel was sunken” “3 Chemie are expected” “there is the age gap but it is the impression” back in this. Taehyun Cha said as “there was no topic in the brother ‘ know so far and the appearance was delaid”. Pair released the episode in which it doesn’t end for the video recording in reality. It revealed as “my advantage is ‘ Chongcook Kim ‘” and especially aroused curiosity. After that, Taehyun Cha made a boast of the friendship with Chongcook Kim, saying that it was “chongcook Kim, anytime, due to the Bulleo periodic time it asks I ask to sing a song” this. It is the rumor that it admitted the warm friendship of thises, saying that the brothers listening this are “it is the real advantage”. The Taehyun Cha and Hong Gyeong-in Min are between close friend which ㅇ is well known as ‘the Year of the Dragon club’ member who Janghyeok, Hong Gyeong-in, and etc. belong including Chongcook Kim. Also this day Hong Gyeong-in Min gave of the episode about Chongcook Kim. The Hong Gyeong-in Min has always only three cases if it calls ” Chongcook Kim. It could be said to be the way which was exercising only the length which it goes to exercise or which exercised and which it comes and it disclosed and the smile with was given. This day Taehyun Cha and Hong Gyeong-in Min are the rumor that they showed one’s hit song stage and got cooperation with brothers.
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