‘pristine’ main part grain lapse love affair I the Wasseu total and who? … the continental slope gold bottom of the water


The interest about the Wasseu total is rising while being enveloped in the Ppeurinseuttin main part grain prodigy China zaibatsu Wasseu total and love affair. The Wasseu total which the state grain lapse love affair appears was known as the only son of Chinese which is one people among the crack spoon of the continent best Wanda president of group Wangjelnin. The Wanda Enterprise is Chinese media and tourist industry related company. But the family business succession which 100 trillion won is over was refused and the Wasseu total attracted. Presently, it is in charge of the Beijingpusseu investment construction chief director and Wanda Enterprise director office. About 1.042 trillion wons the assets which He holds were known to be held about 6 billion yuans. The Chinese sphere community is gone through and it is that love affair of the main part grain lapse Wasseu total is known. The content that it composes the photo came up saying that the Wasseu total and week grain prodigy trip to Japan for was gone. All Badat the interest which rises to the real time searching Eo 1 Wi and the target content is hot in China SNS We walkingHere, the cable was drawn. The Wasseu total was revealed “it is not truth to take the state grain lapse trip to Japan” “when the legal action will be done in case the rumor will spread”. In the meantime, it was known as ‘the produce 101’ project group child OR person from. The field of Korean song makes debut after pristine and presently, the stage is moved into China and it is playing an active part in the various article talents.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746994.htm, 2019/03/03 17:07:16]