The drama meterial which… is various from the entrance examine till the Portal site


The star drama of TV giving the smile and fun the impression and tear to the viewers sometimes The drama center background and meterial are various over the time and the new indirect experience of is given present to the viewer. The drama setting in the occupational group which is various in TvN is on the air this year. The first broadcasted cable channel TvN ‘the romance the bonus book’ is the romantic comedy drama painted the publisher the story of the men making the book as the background warmly in last January. The actor Nayeong Lee and Lee Jong-suk is spreading the hot rolling to the star. The audiences saw and feel the story of the publishing company Gyeoru and life of the employee the author with the drama and got to understand the publisher more and more deeply. Input the TvN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘ search word which finishes the script practice recently and has the first shootings ahead: WWW’ is planning to draw the real romance of the women working grandly in the Portal site leading the trend and men shaking their minds. The performing actor is the Idahui Jeon Hye-jin for Lim Soo-Jung organ, and etc. Pull the interest up onto every day of the daily the used inside of the Portal site and meterial. The curiosity for the drama of the spare viewers rises. The world it points out the problem of the reality which by using the meterial and in which it is better at the drama is aimed. Recently, the existence is the topic between the examinee mothers. It is directly, the popularity favor of the general programming channels JTBC ‘the sky Castle’. The entrance examine coordinator says the entrance exam expert managing comprehensively the club, volunteer work, and etc. made for the college entrance exam. All Darwot the private education reality of the higher layer with the meterial the entrance examine coordinator with ‘the sky Castle’ ended on the 1st of last month the Black comedy drama It recorded the cable · end piece drama all-time high audience rating 23.8 % (the Nielsen Korea · whole country · charge platform furniture standard) and the drama had prevented ㄴ to the interesting story and hot rolling of the actors. If the finely woven development of the drama and story inspired the fun to the viewers, ㅇ the private education reality which the drama points out caused the sense of alarm large-scale about the excessive private education on the basis of to these looking back upon the present age. As to the culture critic drawing the late wood, in ” past, the drama focusing on the melodrama including Cinderella story, and etc. was many compared with the various job and job. It is fed up from the audiences over the time it came out, meet the wind of “***” audience and be more special and to the production crew detail and draw the various sides of each job group it pointed out. After that, positively the fresh meterial itself is acting on the audiences. Moreover, the effect that drew the business world and expands the indirect experience of the viewers was being caused and the background and meterial which the drama inside is various at was looked as the positive view.
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