The king seat string, in 12, ‘perseverance’ of the car child actor


It is the Arat Eo that smoke is since childhood my aptitude. It became the year 12 car actor of which ‘the yellow flag building child’ which made ‘rotten smile’ in the Malhaedani judgment 11 year ago movie ‘speedy Scandal’ for Taehyun Cha because I wanted to watch ‘speedy Scandal’ audition in advance when buying 5 is respectable. It is the speaking with the mature actor having the firm subjectivity about the acting. The interview progressed in Seoul City Sangam-dong office building with the king seat string appeared on ended MBC drama ‘the promise with the god’ at last 26th at last 16th. The promise ‘ with the god is the choice which it takes care to save the dying children and jumps over the morals in the world and morals one or two couples of couple story. The boy that Hyunwoo Song whom the king seat prefecture is in charge among the pole has been living carefully when buying 6 it receives the umbilical cord blood and it walks on thin ice. But the playing the baby or grumbling is not never once shown to the parents. It is the mature person refusing this because there is the brother donating the umbilical cord blood. Even when being caught in the art on the leukemia and being psychological carnally exhausted, the king seat string endures this alone but accomplishes excellently the emotion performance overwhelmed with the discord which is deep in the inner surface. Besides, it embraces the Hahn, Han Chaeyeong who is the mother and sobs to sad, or it is not pushed in one scene and is in confrontation with Oh Yoona and this flow is led. The king seat string finishing the successful return as the hot rolling which in this way the adult performer is no less Was the reason why it selects the art in which the high acting hardness and easiness is required in this way as the first show after comeback? It explained to this as “there was the risk to be gotten out into ‘ blind end in a mine gallery ‘ but this line was not crossed and because the interest arose in ‘ the appointment ‘ the new development, by any possibility, the performance was determined”, saying that it was the king seat string “when getting ‘ appointment ‘ script, surely it wanted to do because the idea the god is really stingy called meterial got”. The character research was eagerly studied ahead of the shooting. The king seat string spoke as “these saw what rather he were sad before the death or it didn’t realize the commotion of the feeling and it accepts serenely and learned many ones”, saying that it was “the videoes which the director shows were watched and the suffering to the leukemia moults was realized”. This it lives as the people called Hyunwoo Song in the work broadcasted about 3 months with 48 parts quantities. The affection toward the wise friend and understanding was high. It cannot help being one in which ” wise friend refuses the umbilical cord blood donation of the sister like that, the idea gets. It doesn’t have the brother a pain any more, if it is me, however “the king seat string” is unable to be like that done. If I was Hyun-woo, it confessed that death was likely to be really afraid. After that, absolutely ” I am unable to be dignified as Hyun-woo. The not only the Jeom, in which the child who as in wise friend, is considerate and is the grownup baby is bad, I am “***” better than Hyun-woo same sex friend but also friends of the opposite sex well all Eoullin about? But the part which I friend of the opposite sex is not abundant to be like that It put down with the young smile ha-ha. In this way, his who the attachment for the character is strong looks is different from the other child actors. The work is due to be quite faced with the other attitude with these who the ego goes before it is secured yet in order to lead in the hand of the parents to watch the audition and get to let the foot in the entertainment world. As to the king seat string, there is no repentance in the part which gets to be the entertainment world active in ” young age at all. I wanted to watch ‘speedy Scandal’ audition and it told firstly to the mom, it was planning to finish and return but as to originally, the high school study “***” now selected the return which it is a little early due to the longing for the acting. It was me’s choice, this was said. After that, this path was all walked to my will and option so far since being young. There was no repentance at all. Rather, it added to be the expectancy and anticipation only that it would like to meet quickly the more works. The king seat string that the acting was good and it went on to the arts high school play movie department There is no burden of the child’s part image and fear. His that continuously it keeps the acting with the still many works constantly and would like to grow abundantly smoke passion is not ever behind the other adult actor. The actor carrying out all roles with the one’s own would like to become like Gangho Song and Chungmin Hwang senior. The movie ‘with Beke’ saw over no. 7. It didn’t exclude completely and the movie in which Gangho Song senior appears was all watched. As in seniors, it would like to become the nice actor making into one’s one.
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