‘the mask king of singer’ aquarius and China Kwon… play guy the king of singer candidate accession to the throne


‘aquarius’ singer was revealed as China Kwon in the mask king of singer, the stage of the mask singers challenging the king of singer Rimtteu Kkeul was revealed in 3 days MBC variety program ‘the mask king of singer’. The aquarius and play Geiger showdown was started in the king of singer candidate finals and especially it attracted. This day aquarius selected ‘to the second’ of Sonhui Lee. The sensibility controlled with the voice where there is the appeal left the lingering imagery and the mind of the audience was captivated. After that, ‘station’ of the panic which is the play Ga was selected. The stage was hotly heated with the husky voice which is the play Ga and singing ability captivating the ear. But the response higher with the play Geiger was gotten and the result was unable to go up the aquarius as 37 to 62 to the king of singer candidate. The aquarius took off the mask and appeared shyly in the stage. The congestion of the aquarius was the singer China Kwon. China Kwon is the singer song writer of the past ‘K pop star’ native. Park Myung-soo appearing as the panel was seen and China Kwon told “the Limitless Challenge of was humbly obeying taken care” and produced Park Myung-soo, saying that “park Myung-soo fan of ‘ Limitless Challenge ‘” was this to smile. Park Myung-soo suggested towards China Kwon “‘ Limitless Challenge ‘ is getting off and it is roaming and meets from here and meets and is pleased” “the duet music is shared. Then”. Here, it refused “park Myung-soo doesn’t like EDM” and evoked laughter.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746996.htm, 2019/03/03 19:26:06]