The mounting quiz explanation in ‘due to you’ correction ‘the TV show Jinpoom Myungpoom’


The correction, it appeared in the singer correction agar ‘the TV show Jinpoom Myungpoom’ and the broadcaster Yungsik Lee and reporter understanding brush back appeared in the besides and the attention was left with the witty quiz explanation in the KBS1 ‘the TV show Jinpoom Myungpoom’ broadcasted Kkeureot everyone.3 day in the morning in the rarity feeling. It told “the Jinpoom Myungpoom audience is well received maybe because of overlapping just with my pan” which it finds out the correction cause the quiet response as the new musical composition ‘due to you’ “the feedback appeared soon with the appearance on broadcasting immediately after and it was startled all of a suddener”. It floated of the Wando Port ‘2,003 which called and which received the gold statue and which it follows in 2’ correction which it will be unable to forget the fine rain lady ‘in the second time local song festival which in 2001 MBC passed with the daughter of the composer Chongttaek Chung finding out the famous correction hosts’ and it set foot in the adult world of singers in the disco medley ‘.
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