The wonder reillumination of ‘mysterious TV surprise’ wheel bad luck Rudolf and person who won three Olympic medals


The wheel bad luck Rudolf is the achieved black girl which overcomes the infantile paralysis and achieves the land new world record. In the London Olympic, in 1960, the wheel bad luck Rudolf achieved the new world record at that time and the other U.S.A the first female athlete became three golds in the Olympics field and track events, ‘the miracle occurring to her’ chapter was on the air in MBC variety program ‘mysterious TV surprise’ broadcasted with 3 with the day in the morning. The reaction of the audiences waiting and seeing his miraculous success is hot. The wheel bad luck Rudolf was born in the poor black family of U.S.A Tennessee Kkeullakseubil in 1940. The year pneumonia and scarlet fever in which it came to 4 year old after the weight 2kg was born as yet with the immatur infant child don’t from was suffered. It gets to have till the disease where it is infected with the infantile paralysis virus after disability of infantile paralysis and hands and feet are paralyzed. The black racial discrimination was serious and the well done treatment against could not be hit, and moreover, the diagnosis that it will be unable to walk for the lifetime was gotten from the misfortune on top of misfortune doctor. The mother of the wheel bad luck Rudolf concentrated the qualitative which worked as the housemaid and carried the wheel bad luck Rudolf on back till the hospital treating the black and goes and returns 80km. It exercised such as the families massaged the leg of the wheel bad luck Rudolf the Beolgal agar., etc the miracle happened at last. The wheel bad luck Rudolf could be alone unfamiliar in 12 year old the aid. It could run to the tearful rehabilitation training. It was fortuitously scouted to track and field team. It was selected as the member of the national team. It participated after London Olympic and rose to 3 medal holders including land female 100m, and etc.
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