‘ (4 days) enlistment ‘the repackage album release… which the key and fan are’I Wanna Be’


The today the group SHINee member height is the enlistment day (4 days) new musical composition in which was announced. The regularity 1 album repackage album ‘I Wanna Be’ of the height was revealed to every kind of music site this day at 12 p.m. The album was composed of the total 13 tracks of which 3 tunes are added to one album of existing regularity till the title song ‘I Wanna Be’ and new musical composition ‘ShowMe’ (the show U.S) and bonus track ‘Cold’ (cold). ‘I Wanna Be’ music video opened with the sound source expressed the clear and cool mood of the tune as the image of the colorful color sense. Moreover, the looks charming of the height in which the done styling stands out and performance is put. As the agency was the album in which the height concentrated on heart and soul for the fans and which it prepares, it imparted to the fans that It seemed to become the special gift. Meantime, after this day enters Chungnam Nonsan Military Training Center afternoon and the basic military training is finished, the height is planning to serve as the military band.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747077.htm, 2019/03/04 15:53:47]