“among LM entertainment and dispute” steel Daniels, in the future, the activity?


The group wanna circle singer of origin steel Daniels is undergoing the agency and conflict. At last third, the market news reported that steel Daniels demanded the exclusive contract termination from the agency LM entertainment. The steel Daniels agency LM entertainment revealed according to the news in the medium to be “the misunderstanding happened between the steel Daniels and company” “one which is arranging well and there is no impediment in the activity afterward”. However, the river Daniels left for LM entertainment recently and the sports Chosun gave notice of the self-support after this day report in preparation. The certification of contents for the cancellation of a contract is sent to the agency on the other hands, the presently new partner for is searched and the steel Daniels is preparing 4 month comebacks the album according to this as the goal. Besides, it told that singer victory was known to be at the rear of the river Daniels. The river Daniels met the Hong kong 40 shot woman getting to know by the introduction of the triumph. The rumor which this woman met the investors for the river Daniels inducement appeared. The response demanding the truth poured into this into the steel Daniels and agency. Then it wrote on the fan cafe and this day steel Daniels revealed the position. The steel Daniels was among LM entertainment and dispute, I revealed. After that, it informed the steel Daniels “while many malicious speculative articles in which the fact is not began to be reported for the worried time, moreover I was much disconcerted” “the new SNS account will be opened at p.m. 12 on 4th”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747013.htm, 2019/03/04 07:53:56]