As to so far, this sale, there was no. The Extreme Job ‘ 137.6 billion profit


“as to so far, this sale, there was no” movie ‘the Extreme Job’ (the supervision Lee Byung-hun) put aside the movie ‘the conviviality’ (the supervision Hanmin Kim) and the first place of amount of sales was achieved in the successive generations release, ‘the Extreme Job’ raised the theater revenue of 137.69673 billion won to the standard according to 4 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result on 3rd. It is the record which it exceeds the amount of sales 135.75 billion won of ‘conviviality’ which was the first place of successive generations till the former days. The few number than the Extreme Job ‘the accumulated number of spectator ranking 17.615437 million people as 16.02982 million people’ conviviality ‘ was recorded but it led in the selling side. This is explained as one which the amount of sales increases together while the theater average fare increases. The Korean movie average seeing fare rose from 7,619 won to 8,286 won in 2014 last year. The total production cost of the Extreme Job ‘ included till the marketing expense and was known as 9.5 billion won. As to the pure production cost, ‘extreme Job’ records the earning rate which is the highestest among the successive generations opening movie about 6.5 billion won. On last on January 23rd, solder 한 ‘extreme Job’ went up to the successive generations box office higher rank seat to the overspeed. It was ‘conviviality’ this keep firmly the first since 2014 but the seat became dangerous with ‘extreme Job’. The Extreme Job ‘ broke through 1 million audiences in three days of unsealing and recorded the best among the comedy movie premiere and 1 opening movie opening score. 2 million audiences through were broken through the day which It becomes 4 days after unsealing and the greatest number of audience new record was established on January 1st. 995,195 audiences are brought for the day and 916,652 ‘- Crime And Punishment along with the god’ record is broken. ‘the stood speciality’ was enjoyed with the legitimacy and ‘extreme Job’ which broke after unsealing 5 day Jjae 3 million, 8 the th 4 million, and 5 million audience of 10 ths and displays the fast performance speed entered upon the real boom. 5.25 million audiences who the New Year holidays starts were additionally mobilized and 10 million audiences through were broken in 15 days of unsealing. The New Year holidays the greatest number of audience holding sharecropper 4.789288 million people ‘the inspection evagination’ record was beat. The first place of New Year holidays maximum accumulation number of spectator of was taken care. Like this, the interest is concentrated if ‘extreme Job’ make a long drive taking advantage of victory can climb the first place of successive generations box office.
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