Being infirm and rash Gab ‘the super show 7S’ the fine dust was flewn


There are the girl fans which are not concern with the worst fine dust in the quiet weekend and stuffy air and find Jamsil gymnastic stadium which the dust is full before. The hundreds which concealed the playing bar on the heart and it breathed in the air fully which as if was refreshing and in which it moves the step and ‘Elf’ (super Juniors fan club) of the thousands people were this star, ‘super Juniors world tour-super show 7S’ (SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR-SUPER SHOW 7S) took place in the Jamsil in Seoul KSPO DOME (olympic Gymnastic Stadium) with 3 with the day at 4 p.m. 15,000 name audiences brought in the show opened after ‘the super show 7’ opening in 2017 in 1 in just 3 months for two days and the compliance which is hotter than this any other time was led. As to especially, this concert, the expectancy of the fans was peculiar as the first formal schedules where Ryeouk finishing the millitary service does with the members for the first time. It is the super show ‘it starts last February 2008 for the first time’ Super Juniors ticket ‘ show. The accumulated spectator exceeded 2 million people till now and it became with the branding to travel around the worldwide including Shanghai, Bangkok, Manila, Djakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London, Paris, Sangpaullo, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and etc. beginning with Tokyo and about 20 Yeo city meet the fans. The member Eunhyeok Domaaha the concert wide direction and it is reborn as the independent concert brand of Super Juniors. As the direction and performance repeats the time altogether, it is the concept ands more various evaluation that it is showing the performance. This ‘the super show 7S’, moreover, it stood out of the members who try in order to show the show which is more richer than the last ‘the super show 7′ every one. The super show 7S’ began with the hot shout of the fans. It was the tear which is all without exception hot in the aspects of Super Juniors which it meets after long interval with Korea and Chinese fan the Heul Ri. The various feeling including the thankfulness, and etc. came and went for some time the members’ facial expressions looking at the tear of the fans felt sorry. The piano performance of Ryeouk discharged from active service gave notice of the start of the Ppappomeonseu. ‘MAMACITA’ and ‘SUPERMAN’ and ‘the money money’ finally the dance of ‘Black suit’, that is the title song of the regularity 8 album the album ‘PLAY’, was continuedThe stage of (Don’t Don) added to the amusement ceaselessly. The mouth of the members warming up seemed to be slowly solved after long interval. Ryeouk meeting the fans after the global for the first time is the beginning to play the concert in ” Korea. It was very excited, “***” was much prepared. The prodigy to appear in the behind and direction of Eunhyeok brother were expected and it made a request. ” last party was perfect. However, because of changing and doing, in this way, the leader Leetteuk is better. It said greetings by the nicest looks and if everyone enjoyed, it will be good, he praised oneself and the unlike other people volubility was shown off. The Gimhui iron “it is so deeply moved by one called the colleague of Super Juniors when being your singer” shook the chattiness. Eunhyeok playing role of the total direction after the last concert till this performance revealed “S of 2 number ‘ the super show 7S’ has the other meaning” “the performance which is more special than Angkor concert wanted to be presented” the planning intention. After that, gyuhyun comes back if it waits a little. If all members finish the military service, the days which it will be together are likely to increase. At that time, it was together and made a request. The pans responded to the request of Eunhyeok who the sincerity is contained with the hot shout. In the continued solo stage, the selection of music maximizing the charisma of the member person continued and the cheerful unit stage was continued. ‘Rokkugeo’ of Super Juniors-TWhy, it was ‘In the Kwanghwa gate’ back of king’s wisdom and greatness for the gyuhyun in ‘sleep of baby with outstretched arms’ army which Huicheol and Eunhyeok has together and Ryeouk. The unit group ‘super Juniors-HAPPY’ wore the cute (?) animal pajama and ‘the pajames party’ danced the cute dance in the tune. The laughter the fans was unable to be stood with the appearance feeling a bit burdened. It got together altogether and the korean version of Japan single album ‘One More Time’ was primally opened. The song opened in ‘the super show 7S’ beginning with the association performance to the solo, unit, and special stage is the total of 30 tunes. As much as possible, it is the paragraph of which the effort of Super Juniors who it focuses to send the hour along with the fans for a long time and comprises the stage peeps out. Gyuhyun was watching the concert the end and this day performance in secret, Eunhyeok gave notice far later and the fans were and impressed once and the surprise event was completed. The Idol group risen to the best position is born every year. However, these who have been maintaining the group for a long time even after rising to the best position are rare. And here is Super Juniors who this is difficult thing praiseworthy. The members participating in the year 15 as the obligation and belief It is not to protect the group and be no trial which is big and small but one hardening so much will be the fact. And this time made the today’s ‘the super show’ into the end. So, it is feeble and stupid. However, it will continue next year and the perfect super show is the end. Meantime, it is suspicious and the popularity ‘the best concert of this year’ top is proved from the show brand super show ‘the cultural awards ceremony which the press company of Peru greatest hosts in last Feburary’ Premios Luces 2,018 ‘ (the Ppeuremio Ruseseu 2018) of Super Juniors.
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