Donguk Lee and tensor seat → are seen, It becomes → leeseunggi, after that, ‘the nation producer’.


Be at the front of audience with the actor Donguk Lee I ‘the nation producer’. It is the year 7 since taking care of the progress in SBS variety program ‘bold spirit’ in 2012. The Donguk Lee agency King Kong By starship revealed in the afternoon on 4th, “it got to appear as the nation producer of the Donguk Lee I the Mnet survivor program ‘ produce X101′”. As to Idonguk, this day started the first shootings according to the agency for 1 o’clock afternoon. ‘the produce X101’ which is the broadcasting schedule in Mnet is the new serial of the survivor program producing the project idol including wanna circle, child OR person, eyes circle, and etc. It does with the goal with 4 number season standing of ‘produce’ series in this season to give birth to wanna circle of the second when being the global Boy group after the eyes circle. The challengers and whole program is planning to be participated as the title called the produce X 101 ‘the Idonguk which gets to take care of the progress which is overall’ nation producer ‘. It is the part which is more expected in being the skill at talking unlike other people, the personality the mounting overflowing and Donguk Lee gaining recognition as ‘bold spirit’ till the progress capability previously. The tensor seat who is the show-host of the season which Donguk Lee is first is seen. Eye and ear of the audience are leaning if the new appeal can be appealed after leeseunggi. The first broadcasting dates of ‘the produce X101’ starting to featuring the first shootings are the undecided now just now.
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