‘gangway’ made ‘end’ Sung Dongil X ether and aiming gun… last winner?


ㄴ in which OCN dramatic cinema ‘gangway’ renewed the self highest ratings by the final episode audience rating 4.0% and which it prevents was young. The self highest ratings was most recorded as 4.9% and OCN dramatic cinema ‘gangway’ (the script Namsanguk · direction shucked shellfish mistake) final episode where it is broadcasted at last third occupied the cable and the first place of the end piece implication in the same time with the audience rating (the Nielsen Korea standard and (the) whole household) average 4.0% and it ended. In this day broadcasting, the conch bureau (the Sung Dongil) hunted the Woohyun Kang (this paper weight). One using the voice of the starboard which the Kim Beesuh (this guest of honor) together confined in the mental institution records in the station The one’s real character of the starboard which is using the hunters so that the unprecedented politician controlling the great evil which is the biggest with the Korean peninsula history on could become to the recorder was contained. The said country let the hunters know this. The starboard was again made into the winged game. The said country escaped from the hospital to the middle in which the starboard sets the opportunity to win between the hunters who get to aim the gun and help of the fellow detectives was in confrontation with the starboard. The starboard murdered till Yoonsuh zero (hwayeong Lim) caught the young master (the eddy Korean translation of Chinese character) as the hostage and the murder of the said country was incited and “as to ironic one, I can give the plurality of the son of the high detective” enticed him with the horse. However, the injector was put in the body on the starboard and the said country brought him under control. With disappearing the starboard where the attitude changes due to the drug uglily pledged the revenge. The war of the discontinuance which doesn’t end yet was suggested and the said country came to a settlement. ‘ gangway in the meantime enjoying 1~7 broadcasts with the case-centered of the starboard with the reconfiguration and movie of one volume again: 10 days (one)s which the directors Kkeot ‘ comes are planning to be broadcasted at 10:20 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747026.htm, 2019/03/04 10:17:21]