Park Bo-gum, ‘seo good luck’ (gaze) appearance on the stage, and share · use supervisior Ju and screen occupation advance notice


It decides that actor Park Bo-gum appears on the movie ‘seo good luck’ and ‘the general trend pass’ is kept. Like this, the agency Beulleosseom entertainment explained on 4th that it revealed and the actor Park Bo-gum determined the next product by the movie ‘seo good luck’ after the TvN drama ‘boyfriend’. It is the screen comeback after the movie ‘chinatown’ in 4 years. Seo good luck ‘ (gaze) is the work drawn the thing which gets involved in the dangerous case in the trace of the first mankind cloned human Seo good luck (park Bo-gum) in which (share) which it tears down the former intelligence agency personnel having the death ahead cherishes a secret and many forces that it occupies him and gets wider. Park Bo-gum undertakes the cloned human Seo good luck role of the first mankind where it has the secret of the eternal life in the work. ‘seo good luck’ looks forward in that it did the cloned human primally attempted with the Korean movie with the meterial. The Jeom called the story which Yungchoo Lee director producing ‘the architecture outline’ and ‘the distrust hell’ makes and character, moreover, all strings the attentionEye and ear of the movie fans are concentrated in the movie ‘seo good luck’ which Yungchoo Lee director, Park Bo-gum and share adds up the strength. Meantime, the share was cast in the inversion torn down the former National Intelligence Service. Seo good luck ‘ (gaze) cranks in on April, 2019.
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