SHINee key · BIX N · Chinun Chung, today, (4 days) military band enlistment…’Silently, with the non-disclosure


SHINee key, BIX yen, and 2AM Chinun Chung joins the army with the active-duty. The key (the one’s real name Kim Kibeom and 29), N (the one’s real name Hakyeon Cha and 30), and Chinun Chung (29) enter the Nonsan Military Training Center in the afternoon on 4th. After there is no separate event, it is planning to join silently and 3 people finishes altogether the basic military training as the non-disclosure, it serves as the military band. The height opened the autograph letter with cut to rack brain Instagram its own photograph at last third. All the height is “I have never never have the never once long blank got to don’t have the number in which the life got the enlistment on March 4th and which takes a bow to everyone for a while”. It did. The cut to be stingy in Instagram head was opened on 3rd and N gave the fans of the bow as “it will come back well”. The enlistment of was informed the fan cafe in last January and N was previously revealed “as it did that so far, if the cheer is silently sent, It is likely to become the large-scale strength”. Because of seeing my who it opened the solo concert on the 24th of last month and spent the fans and meaningful time during and has never popped out with the photo which today, (4 days) marks out its own workroom at dawn in this way for a long time and has to do how but does and gets off all and covers up all electricities so that the dust doesn’t may have collected desk, the feeling is odd. It will come back soon and the good song will be much made, it wrote. Meantime, 3 people are the expecting discharge from military service in October next year.
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