“the couple article talents which the couple is not the general trend” ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ ‘the taste of the wife’


The couple article talents of which the appeal which is comfortable than the couple achieving the anticipation is felt is captivating the viewers recently. It seems to be more the realistic self interest due to the program in which the actual couple appears than the virtual love. Even, even it is excited enjoyably, the full looks is shown and the sympathy of the viewers is caused. The couple article talents in which it caught popularity recently and which was examined. ◆ ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’.”As to the public · youth · fun ” SBS ‘ the couple lived together but thought differently 2-you, my destiny ‘ (under ‘ the couple lived together but thought differently 2’) is broadcasted in the popular by the Monday representative article talents. ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ shows the difference of the couple idea do the mutually different idea in the same situation and causes the sympathy. Even if it says as the couple making the reason prefecture · friendly relations with one’s neighbors, it is not exaggeration to do the audience rating tow role of this program. The mounting and ‘the reason string small porcelain dish’ friendly relations with one’s neighbors real intention is peculiar joke and Chungchung-do dialect which captivated the viewers. The charisma in which the reason prefecture controls the husband was displayed and 2 people acceded ‘wanna ratio couple’. Last year, in SBS entertainment grand prize, ‘the best family’ prize was gotten. Presently, loving · Woorim Kim couple, Hyunmao Ahn · Reimer couple, and etc. is appearing. The controversy cleaned previously with the Jeongyeo luck experiencing the pain of the parting once. However, 2 people made a boast of unlike other people ‘husband and wife relationship’. The Hyunmao Ahn · Reimer couple shows more realistically the difference broken out at the mutually different looks and is causing the sympathy of the viewers. Since figure different of Hyunmao Ahn who is the steps comes the elite nap of the interpreter to the new points of interest of the audiences, the special interest is gathered and especially there is ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’. ◆ ‘the taste of the wife’.”These couples wondered. TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the wife’ is taking care of the first place of general programming channels in the same time. The various couple including the Lee, Yi Manki · Hansukhui couple, it was the Chung Junhoh · under feeling, Sowon Hahm · evolution, and Hong Hyunhui · I and etc. is appearing. It is every one revealed in ‘the taste of the wife’ of the couples who the audiences wonder usually and is loved. All Moeun.’ the interest which is more special while especially the comedian Sangmu Yoo · Kim Yeon Ji couple appears on the broadcasting at last 26thAll Moeun the interest the couples having a strong personality appear on the taste ‘ of the wife Funny every day of the gagwoman Hong Hyunhui and interior designer Jeisseun is shown and the audience rating tow is a role played severely. The everyday of the international couple Sowon Hahm of not only these but also 18 years old age gaps and evolution is shown and it attracts and there is. Like this, the various couples oves the appearance are shown and the wide sympathy of the viewers against is hit. ◆ ‘the dad one’s real character’.”The couple ” channel A variety program ‘ dad one’s real character ‘ various of the type of occupation militaries shows every day of more real the candid dads. Simultaneously, the dialogue mode, and etc. are shown and the various aspect oves the couple is illuminated. The couple including the dad one’s real character ‘ will open Kim window with the channel A representative variety program broadcasted since 2016 · circle standard · encouragement favor · great learning, which and etc. is appearing. All strings the interest of the audience with the aspects of the respectively different husband these show the aspects of the respectively different job group couple’the dad one’s real character’ which shows the aspects of dad which is various from the childcare beginner to the veteran and is forming the consensus is constantly loved.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747000.htm, 2019/03/04 05:00:02]