‘the Hat man of god’ tomorrow bi together and debut show live broadcasing…’ in the m.netThe global attention ‘


The Boy group tomorrow bi together, that is the shoes, takes a step of small but sturdy build first shots at last to the world of singers. As to mnet, the debut stage of this day tomorrow bi together (FRB, law, Tae string, and Hyuningka which it is the number vacant) was first revealed in the Mnet ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER Debut Celebration Show’ as formal report data on 4th. The debut song ‘when the horn grew in the hair one day (CROWN)’ stage of the tomorrow bi together gets rid of the veil in ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER Debut Celebration Show’ broadcasted in Mnet today. ‘when the horn grew in the hair one day (CROWN)’ grows into the boy and the sensitive housework likening the experienced sort of growing pain to ‘horn’ is the feature with the tune of the since pop genre which the trendy installs. The group dancing, which the unique performance in which the element which moreover the song makes the pop everywhere is added and energy which 5 members show together overflows one more, the attention point It is the plan to show the charisma which shows the recording song ‘the nap of the sort’ and ‘Blue Orangeade’ stage in addition to and ‘the boy U.S’ of the tomorrow bi together overflows. The tomorrow bi together is making the exceptional record as the new group such as the formal debut whole album line order exceeds the chapter 100,000 in 3 days and the introduction film of 5 members and Kkweseu churning film achieves YouTube accumulation hit 64 million view, etc. The voice teaser stimulating the curiosity for the voice of after members was revealed and the expectation for the debut was raised. In this debut show, TMI profile of the aspects of the tomorrow bi together going for the debut all last trip and people who the members reveal directly can be checked. It has the various game and barbecue parties and the tomorrow bi together broken away from the rehersal room before the debut for some time spends the pleasant time during. The valuable memory is accumulated such as tramping the new will for the debut album activity., etc. After that, the personality of 5 boys into is peeped through the time introducing TMI profile of the members in detail. The time when it has mutual understanding on a real time basis is taken in the live broadcasting corner progressing in CJ ENM Sang Am studio with the fans. Meantime, ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER Debut Celebration Show’ is broadcasted in Mnet p.m. 7 on 4th. In the MnetK-Pop YouTube account and Mnet formal V live account, the same time is broadcast live.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747087.htm, 2019/03/04 16:33:38]