The Kku city and cocaine suction suspicion, after all, the imprisonment 5 year…”The depression was serious.


The imprisonment of the penal servitude year 5 was Guhyeongbat with the charge in which the wrapper and producer Kku city snorts the drug in the court, 4 days Seoul Central District Court the 35 crown office held the first trials of the Kku city hit against the charge taken care of the law on the drug control. In the (the) determination trial, this day prosecution demanded the imprisonment of the penal servitude year 5 and additional fee 875,000 won to the Kku city. The prosecutor revealed the reason of prosecution that total of 7 times snorted cocaine by the way in which this day Kku city snorts into the nose and two cocaines were bribed. The Kku city and counsel spoke to this “admit the arraignment fact altogether”. The prosecution explained “there was no homology eletric power but it took into consideration in the case of the narcotic that lowest limit of the highest punishment provide by law is the penal servitude of 5 years” the reason of prosecution. The Kku city counsel entered the entertainment world and since buying, ” defendant was alone active in the young age called the age of 16 by the closing statement. It endured hardship in this process due to the extreme anxiety and stress, “***” chronic panic disorder and depression from was suffered and in order to overcome this by the treatment, it tried but the depression became severe. It was unable to sleep with the insomnia and told. The Kku city, moreover, there is likely to be no given to be long in the final statement words. The adequate management for was pleaded if it knew what it was that it is valuable after there was this 1 and about how I had to act it felt bitterly and “***” lifetime eel was recovered and I could buy, then it will be good. Previously, the Kku city was caught for the suspicion taken care of the law on the drug control last November 2017. Meantime, the court fixed come March 18th as the sentence due date of the Kku city.
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