‘the Saba Ha’ this man of talent and JTBC drama ‘the beautiful world’ appearance on the stage decision


The actor this man of talent which appears on the movie ‘the Saba Ha’ and in which it hits against the interest and which is appears on JTBC new drama ‘the beautiful world’ (the script Geewoo Kim and direction Bakchanhong). The agency caramel person NT presented the report material on 4th and revealed “the appearance was decided regardless of the world ‘ which JTBC drama ‘, that is 4 month broadcasting schedule which this man of talent comes, is beautiful”. The beautiful world ‘ is the drama put the talk in which the son and this families established in the edge of a precipice of life and death due to the School violence visit the truth for the name of the son. This man of talent undertook the Handonghui station shown the hope through the way of one in the life which within a drama is unhappy. It is the introvert personality and have the talent in which the imagination is excellent and which is unlike other people because of writing. It is the people who makes the courage the unhappiness drew near to the preference for some time, in which the eyes excited with the interest of the classmate preference same (the minute it is peculiar) was unable to sense and which the adults are unable to build and comes out of the world outward and visits the hope. This man of talent, recently, all Ppyeolchyeot the twin sisters gold coin in solder heartburnings movie ‘the Saba Ha’ and 2 roles by 1 person acting that is kept The gold coin of the mood which is dark even when being pure and bleak ‘that’ was well expressed and it was given a favorable reception. Meantime, ‘the beautiful world’ is broadcasted come on April 5th Friday JTBC by ‘the legal high’ subsequent.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747074.htm, 2019/03/04 14:57:21]