The second ring ” Takahashi Jyu Ri and exclusive contract conclusion Soon, the debut “


The Takahashi Jyu Ri which is active as Japan girl group AKB48 member cooperated with Korea agency second ring entertainment. The second ring entertainment people concerned was right to contract with ” (the Takahashi Jyu Ri) second ring entertainment, it was planning to participate as the second ring new girl group member who is “it reveals. And” launching in preparation on 4th. And he was the debut schedule sooner or later and told. Moreover, the Takahashi Jyu Ri was confessed to the fans at the birthday event which is held in Japan “graduate from AKB48 and debut in Korean second ring entertainment” “it came back from Korea for the debut preparation in last Feburary” afternoon. The Idol group infinite, Reobeullijeu, golden child, eyes circle member Eunbee Kwon, Chaewon Kim, and etc. belong to the second ring entertainment which It becomes the new nest of the Takahashi Jyu Ri. Meantime, the Takahashi Jyu Ri is donated to the Mnet survivor program ‘the produce 48’ broadcasted last year. 16 Wi of final ranking was recorded and He was unable to make debut as the eyes circle at that time.
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