1 trillion volumes and the Haneul Kang in which It would like to become the independent army


It attends the original musical ‘the newly rising military academy’ demonstration which 1 trillion volume (left)s of the group 2AM and actor Haneul Kang open in the Seoul Gangnam-ku kwanglim Art center BBCH hall in the afternoon on 5th and the performance is performed. The musical ‘the newly rising military academy’ in which the Jichanguk, Goeun castle, Haneul Kang, 1 trillion volumes, Kim Sunggyu, and On Yoo take part is the army original musical drawing the life of all men and regular guys established in the spearhead of the anti-Japan war of independence in 1910’s.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747211.htm, 2019/03/05 17:18:13]